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Who do wewe like better? YoshiFRESH Shane Dawson au Fred?

2 answers | my answer: SHANE DAWSON!!!!<3

Have wewe ever heard of Fred on wewe tube?

8 answers | my answer: Noo.. I've had a YouTube account for like 9 months...

What do wewe do on youtube?

66 answers | my answer: Umm.. I don't know.. Maybe, WATCH Youtube VIDEOS!!

What is your guys' accounts on YouTube?

24 answers | my answer: PeaceLuvHappyness123 link...

are wewe smart

14 answers | my answer: Hellzz yeah. I'm an honors student xD

do wewe like mtoto wa mbwa

11 answers | my answer: YESSS!! They're so cute and fun to play with!!! :D
America's inayofuata juu Model

does any of wewe live close to the girls(c12)'s house?

2 answers | my answer: no

What's the difference between loving someone, and being In upendo with someone?

51 answers | my answer: i think wewe use the term "loving someone" when you'...

why are guys so mean to girls

69 answers | my answer: most of the time guys, like in my school, don't thi...
Wentworth Miller

Is Went Miller Gay, Straight, au Bisexual?

19 answers | my answer: I'm pretty sure he's straight.