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The only genre I dislike is country, but if a country song is good, I'll gladly give it a try. Ah, no problem, I feel you! Take your time responding! I think it's stupid that people are so culturally sheltered, but sometimes it's not their fault and their family may get in the way of exposure to the world. So I won't get too mad over it. Kesha has come so far and she's so inspirational to me for that. I can't wait to hear her inayofuata album and watch her style evolve even further. ilitumwa masaa 7 yaliyopita
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I am wishing wewe a very joyful and relaxed weekend. Make fruitful your free days. Best weekend wishes for wewe my sweetie beautiful Mira Minhyukkie queenie!!
how are wewe my sunshine
it`s been awhile we have talkeed here
I miss wewe so much
buing buing ya Lion and Kat ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
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I upendo a ton of Kesha's songs but my inayopendelewa is definitely Let Em Talk. Her entire upinde wa mvua album was pretty dope honestly. I upendo your background kwa the way! Honestly I respect wewe for liking so many different kinds of music. I can't stand people who only listen to one genre and refuse to try other languages au types of music. There is so much zaidi to muziki than just one kind, and you're mature for knowing that. I listen to legit everything lol. Except country. Name anything else and I know it. ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita