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wat is your fave Disney show???

29 answers | my answer: House of Mouse!! :)

whats your inayopendelewa juu 3 Disney animated films???

67 answers | my answer: Beauty and the Beast - has been my favourite for a...

What do wewe think are the ages of some of the Disney Couples? (or even characters)

11 answers | my answer: Belle and Prince Adam - Hmm I'd say that Belle is a...

What was the last Disney film wewe bought?

18 answers | my answer: The Jungle Book :)

When wewe hear "DISNEY", which is the first that occurs to you?

64 answers | my answer: One of the classic movies. Usually The Lion King au...

who is the most beautiful Disney princess??

78 answers | my answer: Jasmine. kwa FAR!!

The Wizard of Oz Disney Cast

8 answers | my answer: Dorothy - Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Toto - Jock...

Post here your inayopendelewa Disney Princess list!!

28 answers | my answer: 1. jimmy, hunitumia 2. cinderella 3. Belle 4. Mulan 5. P...

Younge Girls of Disney Banner and ikoni

6 answers | my answer: Not sure about a banner, but I think the ikoni shoul...

Post here your inayopendelewa Disney Princes list!!!

5 answers | my answer: 1. Naveen 2. Aladin 3. Phillip 4. Eric 5. Flyn...