wewe can call me Pure-Chan (⌒▽⌒)☆

fanpopping tangu December 2013

  • Female, 22 years old
  • Israel
  • Favorite TV Show: Attack on Titan | Naruto Shippuden | Assassination Classroom | Fairy Tail | Erased | Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Yuri!!! on Ice.
    Favorite Movie: Tangled.
    Favorite Musician: Linked Horizon, Green Day, Linkin Park.
    Favorite Book or Author: manga and Fanfiction.
mchoro orodha

Vilabu Vyangu

ukuta wangu

Rainbow-Unicorn alisema …
I'm sure I'll upendo them^^


Uh I'm really glad to hear that <33
The deadline for the winner to choose the inayofuata theme is tomorrow so hopefully very soon^^ ilitumwa siku 9 zilizopita
Rainbow-Unicorn alisema …
Ahh tysm <333
I can't wait to see your pictures!!^^ *^*

At the moment I only have a personal ig, but I'll might make a cosplay ig at some point ~ I'll tell wewe what it's called if I make it^^

I'm glad to hear that!^^ You're always welcome to ask me for help!:> ilitumwa siku 11 zilizopita
Rainbow-Unicorn alinipa heshima za my comments
Sure thing! I used to use Picmonkey on my computer but lately it's been kinda weird:// (you can always check it out and see if it works for wewe tho)

At the moment I mostly use PicsArt on my mobile; while making the ikoni they may not look that detailed but once wewe salama them they're a lot prettier!! (I use PicsArt for the ikoni contest)

picresize is good to get the correct size for your icons, but sadly wewe can't hariri them au add effects:(( ilitumwa siku 12 zilizopita
Rainbow-Unicorn ametoa maoni…
I don't know if this helped wewe but that's the sites I use^^ siku 12 zilizopita