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  • Female, 29 years old
  • York, PA
  • Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Arrow, Revenge, Torchwood, Alias, Firefly, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother
    Favorite Movie: Pet Sematary
    Favorite Musician: HIM, Voltaire, Placebo, Cruxshadows, Birthday Massacre, Nightwish, Emilie Autumn
    Favorite Book or Author: Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake, Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Darkyn, Immortals After Dark
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anaswill alisema …
I haven't seen it yet!! What happened?! ilitumwa miezi 10 iliyopita
Rumbellefan11 ametoa maoni…
The cinderella promo. I want Ana back for that!!! Sick of not knowing what happened with her and Will :( miezi 10 iliyopita
Rayefire alinipa heshima za my comments
I got into Doctor Who because of Torchwood as well! Except I got into Torchwood because of James Marsters <3 ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Rumbellefan11 ametoa maoni…
I didn't even know he was in Torchwood until I watched. It wasn't too long after that that I made my friend (who got me into Torchwood) watch BTVS for the first time zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Rayefire alinipa heshima za my comments
It was SO hard trying to find episodes that I actually remember since in some shows I'd only seen a season once. Especially with Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time since I haven't seen those shows in a long while. I can't do a Vampire Diaries episode per season yet because I hardly remember seasons 3 and 4, and I'm halfway through season two on my rewatch. Thanks for your comment, though! ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Rumbellefan11 ametoa maoni…
I'm working on my own orodha right now and know what wewe mean. For some I'm just going through IMDB/wiki to refresh my memory and sometimes just going "well I kind of remember liking this one a lot" lol zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita