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What do wewe miss most about Lost?

7 answers | my answer: I miss everything but i REALY miss sawyer!!

What's the first YouTube video wewe ever watched?

15 answers | my answer: hahahaha it was wakawaka!!!! seriously!
Mafuatano ya Twilight

Who has the best body, Jacob au Edward???

26 answers | my answer: absolutely jaacob!!!
Miley Cyrus

Post Your inayopendelewa Song kwa Miley Cyrus? With A Picture Please. :)

12 answers | my answer: PARTY IN THE USA!!!!!!!
bila mpangilio

What do wewe do when wewe have family members who cause wewe pain but won't leave wewe alone?

9 answers | my answer: i dont realy now but i have a friend that was alway...
bila mpangilio

Just one question...

11 answers | my answer: hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
bila mpangilio


46 answers | my answer: ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!! =) LOL
bila mpangilio

What are wewe getting for christmas?????

20 answers | my answer: im getting a new DS,money and some new video gam...
bila mpangilio

What is one thing wewe do everyday?

24 answers | my answer: take a bath
bila mpangilio

Do wewe have a bad temper?

32 answers | my answer: yes i do,ask my mom lol