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Wolfire14 alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
Guys Kate Higgins the voice of Kate is imba in Mario odyssey ilitumwa miezi 3 iliyopita
Chidori1334 ametoa maoni…
Really? miezi 3 iliyopita
HumphreyWolfMan ametoa maoni…
I was actually going to ripoti that but I wasn't so sure since I found a wikipedia page involving a person with a similar discription but wasn't supposed to be confused with Kate Higgins. miezi 3 iliyopita
Wolfire14 ametoa maoni…
This is the song that she sings link miezi 3 iliyopita
QueenWhiskey ametoa maoni…
Wow. miezi 3 iliyopita
Wolfire14 alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
Guys we might get to two au 7 zaidi alpha and omega sequel sinema ilitumwa miezi 6 iliyopita
SentinelPrime89 ametoa maoni…
Where's your source? miezi 6 iliyopita
TimberHumphrey ametoa maoni…
still ain't buying it. i mean, if these con-artist motherfuckers really, REALLY wanna turn A&O into the inayofuata Land Before Time, then Lionsgate would've announced it a long time ago, but that never happened miezi 6 iliyopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
They truly do not care about it. Along with us fans. miezi 6 iliyopita
Wolfire14 alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
I couldn't find any information about alpha and omega 9 I guess I onyesha message the voice actors at Twitter ilitumwa miezi 7 iliyopita
Wolfire14 ametoa maoni…
I ment should instead of onyesha miezi 7 iliyopita