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BJsRealm alinipa heshima za my comments
Thank wewe so much for your kind words of comfort & for including me & my late brother, Tommy, in your thoughts & prayers as well, my friend. BFF Your friend, Mark ilitumwa siku 2 zilizopita
XYZ01ABC10 alisema …
Okay, I'm back now, after a while. Long story. What, no birthday greetings from my friends??? Not a single one? How come wewe guys forgot all about me??? ilitumwa siku 3 zilizopita
BJsRealm ametoa maoni…
When exactly is your birthday, if wewe don't mind me asking? wewe see, my friend, y\our birthdate\s are NOT known to general public. Not even your best Marafiki like me, for example, can congratulate you, if they\we simply don't know when your birthday actually is. wewe have to tell us first. So, once again, when is your birthdate, my friend? siku 2 zilizopita
XYZ01ABC10 ametoa maoni…
Was, my friend, was, not is! My birthday was on August 15. That was 5 days ago! I thought everybody knows about our birthdays. Guess I was wrong. Again. Sorry. :-( siku 2 zilizopita
XYZ01ABC10 ametoa maoni…
Anyway, it's all over now. No zaidi birthday cake to share, no zaidi candles to blow, but never mind that. It's all gone now. Better luck inayofuata time, au in this case, better luck inayofuata year, my friend. siku 2 zilizopita
melodybryant alinipa heshima za my comments
thx for the add! ilitumwa mwezi moja 1 uliopita
XYZ01ABC10 ametoa maoni…
You're welcome. Thanks for your add back and for your prop, too. siku 26 zilizopita