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Fairy Tail

Who's your inayopendelewa Fairy Tail character mine is Erza :)

22 answers | my answer: My favourite character is ZEREF
Fairy Tail

If wewe were to rescue one of them who would wewe choose?

14 answers | my answer: I would like to save erza first, then lucy..
Fairy Tail

I want anyone answering this swali to think very carefully. god Slaying Magic vs Dragon Slaying Magic, which is stronger.

17 answers | my answer: They are equally strong, but natsu is very cleverly...
Fairy Tail

Which Character in Fairy Tail do wewe hate? Why?

183 answers | my answer: I HATE MINERVA... SHE IS EVIL DEVIL! I KILL U, MINE...
Fairy Tail

Does Gray like Erza?

42 answers | my answer: No, Gray doesn't. maybe Erza like Gray just as a fr...