Alex Delashmit

fanpopping tangu July 2013

  • Male, 18 years old
  • Marekani
  • Favorite TV Show: CN TV Shows The Othersiders Dude what would happen Deadliest Warrior and Lot's More.
    Favorite Movie: Alpha and Omega Frozen, Turbo and much more.
    Favorite Musician: Country muziki Rock, Daichi Moira's Awesome songs Yeah Yeah Yeahs the band. The Verve and Kate kichaka
    Favorite Book or Author: Goosebumps kwa R. L. Stine and Lot's more.
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ben15delas alisema kuhusu bila mpangilio
hujambo everyone check out my Marafiki YouTube channel. I would really appreciate it. ilitumwa miezi 2 iliyopita
TheLefteris24 ametoa maoni…
Amazing. Such outstanding performance has left me speechless. It spoke to my Soul and provided me a flash of inspiration, brilliant like no other. Your Friend has truly moved me. Yes, truly this is Art! Kudos !!!! miezi 2 iliyopita
ben15delas alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
This club has a decent amount of activity. Pretty Good to see. ilitumwa miezi 4 iliyopita
QueenWhiskey ametoa maoni…
I Suppose So miezi 4 iliyopita
ben15delas alisema kuhusu Alpha and Omega
I'm glad I stayed even though the sequels amazingly bad. And the club fights in the past. A
TRUE shabiki stays. ilitumwa miezi 5 iliyopita
Shadow1997 ametoa maoni…
Damn straight lol miezi 5 iliyopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
Damn it made an error. Oh well I was half awake that time anyway. miezi 5 iliyopita
ben15delas ametoa maoni…
lol miezi 5 iliyopita