fanpopping tangu March 2013

mchoro orodha

Vilabu Vyangu

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ukuta wangu

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Hello my dear...I hope wewe had an awesome siku well.
I hope to talk to wewe again soon ✌ ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I bet he did remember you...face seem to stay with people zaidi then names, but its so cool wewe got smiles! Its so awesome that wewe made him another cake...but got to deliver it in person this time. I'm thinking Andy reads his things...especially in his down time....&&& ofc he'd keep your book....its a keepsake now!
Aww...he did remember...plus standing outside until 2am...you're a priceless fan!! I'm just so happy wewe finally have your Andy/Pippy pic... ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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its soooooo perfectly sweet and the best thing to have ever! ^_^ xoxox zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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*faces zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I did get to see BVB in tamasha when they came to Madison in October. I also did the meet and greet...I talked with CC....OMG...I thought he was even zaidi perfect in person!...I'm totally addicted!
Aww...you got past the barrier and they didn't stop you!! Soooo Perfect! wewe even made him a book...I can see how that would make him smile....that's so sweet! I'm sure Ash would have hugged wewe too...but I probably would have felt the same way wewe did. ilitumwa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Yay wewe spoke to CC thats so magical,glad wewe got a moment with him Jezzie:) zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita