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seum alinipa heshima za my links
hujambo pal... sup??? ilitumwa siku 3 zilizopita
bob1500 ametoa maoni…
nm u? siku 2 zilizopita
bob1500 alisema …
Idk why most guys on this site are dicks (He Knows Who He Is) ilitumwa siku 10 zilizopita
Jackaverymusic ametoa maoni…
I didn't even mean to do anything...i'm sorry..i'm literally laying down crying at like 2:3o in the morning..i'm sorry for everything I saw wewe deleted the pictures of me and unfriended me then refriended me back au whatever and I respect what wewe do au whatever but I am really sorry... siku 10 zilizopita
seum ametoa maoni…
What happened between wewe two??? siku 10 zilizopita
bob1500 ametoa maoni…
its done and over with siku 9 zilizopita
Jackaverymusic alisema …
I'm no good without you.. ilitumwa siku 21 zilizopita
bob1500 ametoa maoni…
i prolly would have killed myself without wewe siku 21 zilizopita
Jackaverymusic ametoa maoni…
....same siku 21 zilizopita
Jackaverymusic ametoa maoni…
Same tho siku 17 zilizopita