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bob1500 alisema kuhusu Why Don't We
Happy Birthday Corbyn!!!!!! ilitumwa mwezi moja 1 uliopita
bob1500 alisema …
i miss our late night talks, i miss wewe making me laugh, i miss wewe saying sweet things to me, i miss wewe chearing me up, i miss wewe understanding what im going through, I miss everything about you, so please dont leave me now, im nothing without you. I upendo you. Alwas Have and Alwas Will. ilitumwa miezi 2 iliyopita
bob1500 alisema …
i wish some people could understand how im fealing rn. All i do is upendo those boys and everybody just gives me shit. But idc cause those 5 boys helped me through a lot and changed my life forever. ilitumwa miezi 2 iliyopita