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If wewe could only watch three sinema for the rest of your life, what would they be?

68 answers | my answer: justin bieber > never say never toy story 3 and a...

inayopendelewa song so far this year?

3 answers | my answer: justin bieber - that should be me ft rascall flatts...
bila mpangilio

Answer this swali to get 2 heshima

54 answers | my answer: Kyle XY
bila mpangilio

Can wewe read this??

18 answers | my answer: I can , and i'm proud of my mind:)
Justin Bieber

what is justin bieber inayopendelewa color?

13 answers | my answer: his fave colour is BLUE but he likes wearing PURPLE...
Justin Bieber

who is sexy justin bieber au robert pattinson?

24 answers | my answer: OF COURSE JUSTIN BIEBER <3
Justin Bieber

POST YOUR BEST PIC OF JUSTIN with his new hairdo!

16 answers | my answer: oh my gosh laugh out loud
Justin Bieber

if justin bieber took wewe up on stage and asked wewe to marry him in frount of all of his mashabiki what would wewe say and do?

27 answers | my answer: i would faint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then i would...
Justin Bieber

ok!!! what song for jb wewe think it talks about u??? mine is one less lonley girl!

17 answers | my answer: LATIN GIRL !!!!!!!!!!
Justin Bieber

♥ Post A Pic Of Justin-Just A Face...Props ♥

17 answers | my answer: ♥ Mine