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Post a bila mpangilio guy

24 answers | my answer: My friend Otaku_Girl4890's obsession :3 She loves h...

Birthday scenario game II

12 answers | my answer: Takashi Morinozuba (or something i don't watch this...

Birthday scenario game III

20 answers | my answer: Have the abillity to transform into Gai Daigoji, wh...

Post some cute anime moments

1 answer | my answer: This was adorable! <3
bila mpangilio

Post a crazy fact!

19 answers | my answer: If wewe over sleep wewe crave junk, taka food. Its not t...
bila mpangilio

Are wewe listening to any muziki right now? If so, what song???

12 answers | my answer: Not the best song, but I still like it :)
bila mpangilio

How would wewe prefer to die?

12 answers | my answer: murder, au a freak accident like you.
bila mpangilio

Do wewe have homework tonight? If wewe do, what subject is it on? If wewe don't go to school anymore, do wewe have a job? (college counts)

16 answers | my answer: Yes, I have Spanish homework, and math homework, wh...
bila mpangilio

What's your plans for the summer???

18 answers | my answer: Crying over anime.
bila mpangilio

What's your inayopendelewa thing about Pewdiepie??

11 answers | my answer: His smile :) He always makes me smile when I'm watc...