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Mindless Behavior

du u thiink priinceston iis a freaak ?

10 answers | my answer: well no if he like a girl can get crazy
Mindless Behavior

if wewe were pregnat with of the mb boys baby and they did not claim it, what would wewe do?

17 answers | my answer: i will say DNA TEST baby
Mindless Behavior

If one of the member wanted your number which member should it be?

32 answers | my answer: prodigy
Mindless Behavior

Is Mindless Behavior going out wit the OMG Girlz?

161 answers | my answer: WELL KIND OF I WANT TO THE tamasha THE WAS LIKE TOG...
Mindless Behavior

We all know MB is the shit N total ladies men. BUT!!! They want a true MB shabiki someone who would luv THEM not there mula. So y do wewe like MB? Y r u there #1 girl? Do u deserve to be there #1 girl? Wat would wewe do if they had a GF? Winner=10 heshima

12 answers | my answer: I upendo prodigy, because he is funny and cute i upendo...
Mindless Behavior

Ho do u upendo the best ray,roc,or both?

8 answers | my answer: roc
Mindless Behavior

If Mindless Behavior showed up at your house what would wewe do?

9 answers | my answer: i will go crazy and start freaking i well be like i...
Mindless Behavior

If MB's tour bus broke down right in front of your house what would wewe do?

15 answers | my answer: I WILL PUT ON MY MAKE UP AND MY DRESS THEN START G...
Mindless Behavior

If there was no such thing as mindless behavior&prodigy princeton ray ray nd roc didnt know each other waht would wewe do..?

3 answers | my answer: i will not know what will happen
Mindless Behavior

whoare the theree mb boys that u will have sex with

7 answers | my answer: prodigy and princeton and roc royal that for sure