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12 answers | my answer: i really like it, it's good but the font type could...

MERRY krisimasi EVERYONE!!!!!!!

11 answers | my answer: AWWW thanks hun Merry krisimasi for u too :) That p...

are wewe excited about this spot almost having 1000 fans??

4 answers | my answer: obviouslyyy i'm very happy that kwa now we have 1085...
Gossip Girl

Does anyone think it's so cute that Chuck's hands are HUGE compared to Blair's. Sometimes it makes the scene.

1 answer | my answer: Yes it is and Blair has tiny hands lol yeah i've se...
Gossip Girl

Does anybody know where I can find Gossip Girl Screencaps? The best would be for every Episode. Thanks for your help.

4 answers | my answer: I think u can find them in livejournal too.
Gossip Girl

Happy 22nd Birthday Ed Westwick!!! (June 27th)

6 answers | my answer: Yes, today is his b-day :)
Gossip Girl

just to get this straight Who is going to what collage? Thanks

1 answer | my answer: Blair, Dan, Vanessa and Georgina are going to NYU....
Gossip Girl

do chuck and blair admit they upendo each other and if they do what happens to nate.... Also what happens to jenny in th end

1 answer | my answer: Yes they do on ep 2x25 The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Chu...
Gossip Girl

Who made the new banner? It's f**king hot!

3 answers | my answer: If i'm not wrong is waldorf the one who made it and...
Gossip Girl

What are your favourite season 3 set photos?

1 answer | my answer: Well, i think from my POV that the latest photoshoo...