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  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Sienfeld, Friends, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Legion, Downton Abbey, Veep
    Favorite Movie: The Theory of Everything, Logan, The Guest, Beauty and The Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy
    Favorite Musician: The 1975, The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran
    Favorite Book or Author: A Song of Ice and moto series
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Yume-san alinipa heshima za my comments
Hello! Nice to meet you, how are you? Actually panther-jewel suggested me that I should talk to wewe since we seem to have some same interests, like Game of Thrones and Delena couple for example ^^ Hope wewe don't mind because I'm being random. ilitumwa siku 23 zilizopita
panther-jewel ametoa maoni…
I don’t know if wewe still remember who I am, but I regularly check if there is anything new on a foramu of the “Damon & Elena” club that I like, so that wewe are still somehow present for me due to our interesting conversations with other mashabiki in several of those. I liked that wewe returned at the end of TVD to say “goodbye”, I just emotionally didn’t feel like talking to anyone then, but your posts on the “D&E” ukuta reminded me of another fanpopper with interest in “GoT” who ships Delena and quit watching TVD. I suggested for wewe to get in contact with each other, and I remember enjoying speaking with you, while Yume-san is also a great person. siku 22 zilizopita
msmysticlove ametoa maoni…
@Yume-san- It's nice to meet wewe too!! I am really looking mbele to bond with someone here on GoT now that TVD has ended...I'd upendo to get to know you!! :) siku 22 zilizopita
msmysticlove ametoa maoni…
And @panther-jewel- I'm glad that wewe remember me! (I remember wewe as well) I just felt like coming here when TVD ended and share my thoughts on the finale since it was my favourite onyesha for a couple of years (but then it got fucked up an-...okay moving on) and thank wewe for introducing Yume-san to me, I'd upendo to get to know her :) siku 22 zilizopita
msmysticlove alisema kuhusu Damon & Elena
Anyways, I'm into Game of Thrones now! Does anyone here watch that show? And also, I've got a tumblr...if anyone's on there give me your url and I'll follow ya! :) ilitumwa miezi 2 iliyopita
msmysticlove alisema kuhusu Damon & Elena
+ I didn't feel a lot while watching this finale but one of the scenes that really bought tears to my eyes was the scene when Elena reunites with her family in the afterlife and the scene with Damon and Caroline in the crypts was nice too. I've got a lot of memories related to this onyesha which I will forever upendo and cherish (even though the fandom was just the worst thing sometimes). ilitumwa miezi 2 iliyopita
loveofdelena ametoa maoni…
Though on one hand I can't blame you, the final wasn't great. But I don't look at the final and outcome, I look at the series as a whole and base the final on that. miezi 2 iliyopita
msmysticlove ametoa maoni…
Tbh I didn't really have a lot of context while watching the finale. Like I kept asking myself...what is hell-fire?? Why is Vicky Donovan back?? Katherine is back again wtf?? That's what happens when wewe haven't seen a onyesha in nearly two years lol... miezi 2 iliyopita
delenasalvatore ametoa maoni…
I think that TVD's fandom was easily one of the worst I've come across to be honest - with all the trolling and hatred towards rival ships which bordered on obsessive sometimes. Although Once Upon A Time's fandom is also really bad. miezi 2 iliyopita
msmysticlove ametoa maoni…
delenasalvatore- TVD fandom really was the worst. Game of Thrones fandom isn't really that bad but I think there's a dark side to every fandom, I just ignore it as much as I can now. miezi 2 iliyopita