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What's your inayopendelewa Coldplay song?

79 answers | my answer: paradise. probably because i can relate to it the...
Michael Jackson

Did wewe become an MJ shabiki after he died?

40 answers | my answer: i became a shabiki because of my mom! when i was abo...
Michael Jackson

What was Michael Jackson's favourite colours?

4 answers | my answer: i agree. red, black, gold, & silver.
Michael Jackson

do u think that michael jackson should have put his newborn son over the balcony

5 answers | my answer: no i dont think he should've done that. but blanket...
Michael Jackson

Have wewe ever felt Michaels spirit?

10 answers | my answer: yes! i definitely have. iv had many dreams this wou...
Michael Jackson

Don't be shy girls...

29 answers | my answer: i would do anything and everything possible! but...
Michael Jackson

how and wen did u here about michaels death , and how did u feel ???

52 answers | my answer: wow, it breaks my moyo to read all of these! i h...
Michael Jackson

Has anyone ever had a nightmare about Michael?

14 answers | my answer: yes i have. it was very strange. i was going into...
Michael Jackson

wewe want to go to your senior prom and wewe can't find a date, and Michael has offered to escort in chauffer-driven limo. What would wewe do?

3 answers | my answer: haha, that's pretty easy for everyone. id say "hell...
Michael Jackson

What would u do if u had 2bfs named Michael but never seen him but wewe got hooked up from a friend!and one of them was Michael Jackson!?but u weren't sure if it was himwould dump the one who's not Michael Jackson?

2 answers | my answer: that's a hard question!!!! id ask like it was a jok...