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Boelt19052016 alinipa heshima za my videos
Wow, wewe are welcome. Kinda curious how did wewe write this bosnian expression? Hehe Google translation? ilitumwa siku 6 zilizopita
cherl12345 alisema …
Hi ilitumwa siku 9 zilizopita
noRAP alisema kuhusu bila mpangilio
someone on his last ďay working for twitter deactivated the president Donald Trump Twitter account

wow so cool, he is so gutsy.

but what would be his punishment, any idea? ilitumwa siku 17 zilizopita
Mauserfan1910 ametoa maoni…
It's just a Twitter account, let's be honest, they're going to have little choice but to reactivate it and Trump won't bat an eye. Probably nobody will notice that it ever happened siku 17 zilizopita
noRAP ametoa maoni…
are wewe sure no body will notice because CAT COUNTRY 98.7 is asking their listener and share their story of quitting awali job....It's fuckin hilarious. siku 17 zilizopita
springely ametoa maoni…
futa his account too lol. siku 16 zilizopita