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Essence38154 alinipa heshima za my answers
Best wishes on improving your grades. I know wewe can do it Superboy :) Big hugs ilitumwa siku 21 zilizopita
Essence38154 alinipa heshima za my comments
hujambo Superboy I'm going to miss wewe allot. I wish wewe best luck on your studies. I'm proud of wewe superboy for focusing on your studies. Big hugs ilitumwa siku 21 zilizopita
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I don't think he really had any choice. His parents just cut him off the Internet altogether. siku 20 zilizopita
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I'm so sorry to hear that. But good luck and all the best to you! And I'll miss you, too! And don't worry I'll still be here when wewe get back, my friend :) Good luck! ilitumwa siku 23 zilizopita