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Nicolas97 alisema …
Me tooo but tbh my current obsession is Girlboss and BEE wewe HAVE TO WATCH THIS bc A) Nobody does except me and B) Britt Robertson stars and she's brilliant!!!
In Riverdale my inayopendelewa is kwa far Veronica but I do love/like all the other teens except Archie who annoys me and I also upendo Fred and Hermione from the adults!
Haha poor Mer!! Now the drama between Mer, Maggie & Nathan was unnecessary imo.
I haven't but I loved the onyesha so maybe I'll check it out XD
Woot woot! Any party plans? ilitumwa siku 20 zilizopita
kingcesar67 alisema …
Hello ilitumwa siku 20 zilizopita
Nicolas97 alisema …
I haven't watched ep21 yet bc waiting for subs! Grey's is hard w/out subs! btw do wewe watch riverdale?
yesss grey's without mertina (+ slexie and izzie for me, my juu 3 grey's things) is not good :( but it's still greys wewe know :p we will always be addicted to meredith's pain :p
clay/hannah</333 just finished 13rw and aaksnwusjsjwjwkaj. clay is my one true upendo hahah <3 ilitumwa siku 26 zilizopita
Nicolas97 ametoa maoni…
wooo and just remembered you're about to be an adult! :D siku 26 zilizopita