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How many and what kind of mbwa do have?

21 answers | my answer: I have 3. A pomerainian,a great perameise,and a...

Can wewe guys PLEASE give me your opinion?

6 answers | my answer: It sounds really good!Please post it,because I real...

Please Read!

2 answers | my answer: Yeah,alright.Just one thing though,what kind of und...

what if your fav thing to write about?

12 answers | my answer: I don't really know.Fantasy,i suppose.If I get an i...

hujambo guys, I need something to write about. If wewe could please help me!

4 answers | my answer: Well,I'll tell wewe some things I've wrote about. 1...

Please help me think of a first name for my character

16 answers | my answer: Mellisa,Julie,Olivia,Molly,Chyanne?

Would wewe read this ?

21 answers | my answer: Oh my gosh,OF COURSE!!!!That sounds like a story I...

I need a First & Last Name a girl who is gonna be my best friend but turns into a back stabber for my story.! Thanks(:

37 answers | my answer: Nattie/Natalie Runnells Maria Livingston Daniella...

Why do wewe write?

21 answers | my answer: Well,to put it simply.I enjoy it.I find uandishi a g...
vitabu vya kusoma

who is yours fav autor?

23 answers | my answer: Stepenie Meyer.i upendo Twilight sooooo much!!!!!!!!!...