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The group's inayofuata stop is the Museum of English Rural Life. This museum showcases the history of the English countryside with exhibits on farming, food, and craft. Multi-language audio guides were also available upon request in the ticket booth. The five Marafiki and the Beatles enjoyed looking at the exhibits while using their audio guides to narrate the stories behind them. After going through them all, they bought some vitabu in the souvenir shop. Their third and final stop in the itinerary is the Motion Simulation Room, which allows visitors to try their hand on driving a range of racing cars in fully professional simulators, thus delivering an unbelievably realistic and immersive experience. Everyone had a blast here, and they even got a group picha as a keepsake. As they went back outside, Rosie remarked, "That was such a wonderful tour we had!" George replied, "It sure is, love! We had lots of fun." Rosie said, "Yeah! Since it's already getting dark, shall we eat chajio, chakula cha jioni now?" George replied, "Certainly." Rosie said, "All right." With that, the five Marafiki and the Beatles walked until they found a pizza restaurant. They then went in, got their orders, and waited patiently for their chakula and drinks to arrive.

The group arrived back in London at exactly nine in the evening. As they entered their dorm, Rosie said, "Ah, it's great to be back." Nicholas replied, "It sure is, love." Scruffy added, "Definitely." Rosie then said, "Well, we better get ready to sleep now. Nicholas and I have another class tomorrow morning." Nicholas nodded in agreement. Bridget replied, "All right. While you're in class, we will unpack the bags for you." George added, "That way, everything will be organized once wewe return." Nicholas replied, "Thank wewe so much indeed, mates. We really appreciate that." Paul said, "Anytime, chap." And so, the five Marafiki and the Beatles did their usual bedtime routines and signed off for the night. Thus ending another remarkable adventure. What new missions, escapades, and surprises are in store for our Heroes next? Find out when the inayofuata story unfolds.

It is now the final siku of the Easter vacation. After checking out of the hotel, the five Marafiki and the Beatles decided to leave their things in the storage room while they continue shopping. They then inquired at the concierge if there were any nearby malls, to which she replied with a "Yes!" and suggested the Westquay Shopping Center. The group thanked her and excitedly went out and started their walk going there. Once they made it, they first ate lunch at the chakula court. Afterwards, they bought postcards, a mini water globe, souvenir books, t-shirts, and fridge magnets. Everyone had a...
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On the siku after the concert, the group went on a tour of the city. They visited the Tudor House Museum, the Maritime Museum, the SeaCity Museum, and the Art Gallery. They had a fantastic time in each of these places and took lots of picha and videos. The five Marafiki and the Beatles then returned to the beach, pwani and sailed around the sea with one of the rentable boats. Afterwards, they ate chajio, chakula cha jioni and bought some souvenirs in the themed stores before going back to the hotel. Since tomorrow is the last siku of their vacation, they decided to continue their shopping spree in a mall after checking out and before riding the train back to London. In the end, everyone had a splendid Southampton tour.

kwa the United States, a new island was found. The President decided to name it The Island Of Errol, and the news soon spread around the world.

When the engines on Sodor heard about it, they couldn't stop talking about it.

"I wonder if there are trains on there like us." alisema Thomas.

"If there are, they can't be as fast as me." Boasted Gordon.

"And they certainly won't have nicer looks like me." Bragged James.

"Duh, I like muffins." alisema Henry. All the engines gave him weird looks.

"I'd like to see what it looks like." Puffed Percy.

"Me too." Agreed Duck.

"It certainly would be cool to see the...
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Episode 15

The Little Engine That Could

One siku at the wharf, Mr. Percival recieved a letter from Sir Robert Norramby. He wanted an engine from the Narrow Gauge Railway to pull a train to Ulfstead Castle. Sir Robert Norramby asked for visitors, coal, cables, some letters from his friends, and family, and nails.

"We need to get this train set up right away." Mr. Percival told one of the workmen, "Find an engine to get the job done, and quickly."

"Right away sir." alisema the workman. The only engine in the wharf was Makenzie, and she was shunting cars for the other engines. "Mr. Percival has a job...
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A surge of enthusiasm surrounded the five Marafiki and the Beatles as they walked back to the beach, pwani stage. After setting up their instruments and microphones, the band, Rosie, and Nicholas kicked off the tamasha with "Soldier of Love". While singing, several beach, pwani goers heard the muziki and wondered what was going on. One of them asked, "Where's that sound coming from?" Another pointed to the stage and replied, "It must be coming from over there. Let's check it out." Upon arriving at the stage and taking their seats, they became speechless as they gazed at the four energetic mop-topped lads....
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The inayofuata day, the group went down to the beach, pwani in the afternoon. There, they saw lots of kiosks selling ice cream and other frozen treats as well as cold beverages, mini donuts, samaki and chips, hot dogs, and burgers. They also saw some boats that could be rented for sailing tours and regattas. After exploring for several minutes, they finally found a great spot for the Beatles' mini concert. It is an elevated open space complete with a roof and some beach, pwani chairs. George remarked, "This is the perfect stage for tomorrow's seaside performance!" Ringo added, "Indeed, it is!" John and Paul nodded...
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Everyone started their train ride to Southampton shortly after eating breakfast. The journey lasted for three hours. As they arrived and left the station, a gentle sea breeze greeted them. Rosie exclaimed, "It's such a beautiful day!" Nicholas replied, "It certainly is, darling! This weather is perfect for our vacation, too." The others nodded in agreement. The group then rode a taxi to their hotel, which is located near the beach. After checking in and getting settled inside the room, they decided to explore the neighborhood. They took Timothy out for a walk as well. During the walk, the group saw plenty of quirky shops and ate lunch at a nautical-themed restaurant. Afterwards, they went back to the room, unpacked their bags, and rested for the night. Tomorrow, they will go down to the beach, pwani to look for the ideal spot that the Beatles can use to hold their mini concert.

For their Easter vacation, the foursome, the Beatles, and Bridget decided to visit Southampton. As they packed their bags, Bridget saw the Geordie twins sitting on the kitanda looking quite sad. She asked them, "Are wewe all right, mates? What seems to be the problem?" With a heavy sigh, Scruffy replied, "Well, Bridget, today marks ten years since our parents were killed in a car accident. They got hit kwa a drunk driver on the way back to our house." Bridget remarked, "Oh, dear! That's horrible!" Buzzy replied as a tear streamed down his eye, "It is, indeed. We still miss them terribly." He then...
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I do not like Michael Angelis, but doing these voices were fun.
thomas the tank engine
This is kind of a continuation of Emily having Edward's spot from Edward's Exploit. This time, we have Emily take on Edward's role in Edward And Gordon.

Episode 14

Emily, and James

Since Emily returned from the Steamworks, she was getting less work from Sir Tophamm Hat. Often, she had been sitting in the sheds not working, and some of the other engines made fun of her about it, and sometimes teased her. "Sir Tophamm Hat won't need wewe anymore." They said, "He wants powerful engines like us."

Emily felt sad. She began to cry one day, when Sir Tophamm Hat was giving the engines their work for the...
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What if Emily had Edward's role in Edward's Exploit? Let's find out.

Episode 13

Emily's Exploit

The Island of Sodor was having the biggest amount of visitors that they ever had. It seemed as if every person in the world was there, and Sir Tophamm Hat needed to prepare a lot of passenger trains for them.

One day, Emily was getting ready to leave Knapford with her two coaches. They were full, and she found it hard to start. She blew her whistle, and her wheels slipped as she tried to pull her train.

"Duuh, did wewe see her straining?" Asked Henry.

"Positively painful." Remarked James.

"Just pathetic."...
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Everyone arrived back in London at almost midnight. After getting off the car, Bridget alisema goodbye to her foster parents and thanked them for the ride. In return, they told her, "It was our pleasure, dear! Take care!" This made Bridget smile, and she winked at them as they left. Once the group went back inside, Rosie exclaimed, "Welcome to our dorm, Bridget!" "Wow! This place is very cozy and spacious!" Bridget remarked. Nicholas replied, "It sure is, love!" Bridget then said, "I can't wait to explore London, too!" George replied, "Certainly! I know you're going to enjoy it." As they all got...
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Hello, there! I've been inspired kwa my dear friend, Kayla, to write my own version of the Q&A orodha that she made. This is also another great opportunity for wewe to get to know me better. So, without further ado, let's get started.

1. Who do wewe look up to the most, and what qualities do wewe upendo about that person? The person that I look up to the most is my mother. I admire her strong-willed, yet caring personality. She's also a non-conformist, especially when it comes to her job as a professor.

2. What’s your biggest fear? My biggest fear is losing my friends. While most of the friends...
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The group decided to stay for another night in Bridget's house so they could explore Manchester the following siku before going back to London. While eating breakfast, Nicholas asked Bridget, "How was your new life with your foster parents since wewe met them, love?" Bridget replied, "It was wonderful, Nicholas! They have been so kind and loving to me, and they even helped me catch up with my progress in school." Nicholas replied, "Jolly good! I'm veddy glad to hear that." This made Bridget's foster parents smile. Her mother then told him, "And she has aliyopewa my husband and I lots of joy from...
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Back at the city, Bridget's foster mother decided to turn on the jikoni sink again. After waiting for five minutes, the water finally came back! She told her husband in an excited tone, "Our daughter's and her friends' mission was a success! The water has been restored!" He then ran to the jikoni and became overjoyed and danced happily upon seeing it. He said, "I knew they could do it! Let's tell everyone about this!" She replied, "Certainly!" And so, they buttoned their coats, went out of the house, and walked to the city square. Once they got there, they saw that the kisima, chemchemi was working...
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A musty odor greeted the group as they arrived in the area where the pipes are located. Scruffy covered his nose and asked, "What's that awful smell?" Bridget replied, "It must be coming from up there. We'll have take the stairs to inspect it." With that, everyone went up. They then discovered the giant pipes, and there was certainly something fishy going on with them. Rosie said, "I think the smell is being emitted from inside them." Nicholas replied, "Yeah. I think so, too, love." Bridget unsealed the juu of one of the pipes. With a shocked look, she discovered a colony of dead rats! She...
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This scene is what inspired the ending for my shabiki fiction, Moving On.
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link
 Up in the sky, a mduara, duara appears with an Umbreon inside. Then the name, CokeTheUmbreon appears.
Up in the sky, a mduara, duara appears with an Umbreon inside. Then the name, CokeTheUmbreon appears.

Henry: *Laying down on a bed, uandishi a note*
Dad: *Turns on the TV*

Song (Start at 2:07): link

Henry: *Listens to the TV upstairs, but continues to write his letter*

Stockton, south of Henry's location.

Dale: *Wakes up* It's that time again.

* * *

Henry: *In the bathroom, brushing his teeth. He begins to have a flashback*


Tammy: wewe cannot talk to people like that.
Henry: All I alisema was-...
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The journey to restore the water commenced after the group finished their breakfast, which was prepared my Bridget's foster mother. As they walked, the foursome, the Beatles, and Bridget noticed something going on in the city square. It turned out that the mayor was having a meeting with several locals, and he was discussing how he could try to end the disruption. Rosie said, "Well, they're not aware of it right now, but once we bring the precious water back, they will all be amazed and wonder about who did it." Nicholas replied, "I can sense that, too, love. Then, we'll surprise them while holding the cleaning supplies when we return!" Bridget added, "That's for sure!" The others nodded in agreement. They then cracked lots of jokes to make the walk zaidi enjoyable. It was also a good thing that the siku was not too hot, and that the group brought some soda just in case they got thirsty along the way.