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Stranger: Tell me what's troubling you
You: Life -.-
Stranger: What about it?
You: Drama D:
Stranger: like what
Stranger: I got nothing better to do, fill me in
You: Well, see, I have a friend, that I really like...
Stranger: And?
You: He doesn't feel the same...):
Stranger: Such is life
Stranger: Plenty of samaki in the sea, que sera sera
Stranger: What will be will be
Stranger: You'll be okay
You: (:
Stranger: Uh..okay
Stranger: Was that it?
You: Well, he acts like we're going out, its strange.
Stranger: What do wewe mean?
You: I always hang out with him at school, and once school finishes, he'd kiss me goodbye...
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With the rise in brutal verbal beatings on the internet these days, with kids telling other kids things they would NEVER have alisema to them in person, I think it's important to point out some words that should slide right off your back.

That being said, I know it's easier to pretend that words don't hurt when they actually do. This orodha of words, are words that I have learned not to take offensively, and I will give wewe an example of why each one doesn't bother me. This way, if wewe ever feel yourself stung kwa the verbal attacks of an insecure online "friend," wewe can read this makala and know...
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A song for any friendship...
lean on me
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muziki video
blue october
hate me
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maoni and see how wewe would help him
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Ok, so I have this friend who's a Freshman, like me, at my high school & everyday when I get to my lunch table, usually there's nobody there, so I go on my phone & onto YouTube to watch some video I really like. Well, while I'm doing that, my friend Mitchell always sneaks up behind me & tasers my sides. Well, this would be ok if I wasn't extremely ticklish there! Whenever he does this, I always jump, squeal, & bring my arms down to protect my ticklish sides.

He's always done this & he enjoys it, I can see that. To be honest, I do like it when he does this, but sometimes, I don't. And usually, I'm having a crappy siku after 4th hour(Exploring Science), because there's a girl in my meza, jedwali group, Lauren, who's always snobby to me & mean. I never did anything to her to make her hate me!! So usually after that class, I'm in a bad mood. But when Mitchell tasers me, it makes me feel better. But I'm not sure what I should say to him!! Please help me out!!!
posted by PuNkRoCk123
It’s tough when you’ve made a fallacious decision. All sorts of terrible; life-changing things happen! Your feelings about life changed. wewe find it difficult to mend the situation, and au know wewe can’t adjust it. wewe beg and plead to redo everything, but that’s life, it happened for a reason.
My father’s been drinking as long as I can remember. He’d drink about seven bottles of bia everyday when he got back from work. I’ve told him once in awhile about how concerned I am about his drinking, especially how dangerous it is when consumed too much, and his response was always the...
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posted by Shelly_McShelly
Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many people call wewe and it's not about who you've dated, are dating au haven't dated at all. It isn't about who you've kissed, what sport wewe play, au which guy au girl likes you. It's not about your shoes au your hair au the colour of your skin au where wewe live au go to school. In fact, it's not about grades, money, clothes, au colleges that accept wewe au not Life isn't about if wewe have lots of friends, au if wewe are alone, and it's not about how accepted au unaccepted wewe are. Life just isn't about that.

But life is about who wewe upendo and...
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posted by Shelly_McShelly
"I've found that a substantial fraction of many people's days is spent worrying about what others think of them. If nobody ever worried about what was in other people's heads, we'd all be 33 percent zaidi effective in our lives and on our jobs.

How did I come up with 33 percent? I'm a scientist. I like exact numbers, even if I can't always prove them. So let's just run with 33 percent.

I used to tell antone who worked in my research group: "You don't ever have to worry about what I'm thinking. Good au bad, I'll let wewe know what's in my head."

That meant when I wasn't happy about something, I spoke...
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posted by Cutebutcrazy--
Well i know people thnk about alot of things like suicide and all of that. I'm here to let wewe know I've been through tons of things and what your going through I've most likely gone through. I just want to say it wewe just need advice au want to talk I'm here. I know everything can be scary but wewe can't let that get wewe down. So before yo udo something studip au something you'll regret. ie)boys girls life. Talk to someone. If i knew this before I'd be so much better off. If wewe want to talk send me a message I'll help wewe out.
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I'm a 16 mwaka old female (about to graduate her sophomore mwaka of high school) & everything used to be okay. I was a 4.0 student (up until now), I had a few Marafiki to hang out with on weekends, I studied hard, I got along with people... But now I just feel terrible. My grade point average has dropped to a 3.7 (which is still good but... it's not good enough) & my mom never ever helps me at all: she always makes things worse with all her yelling and screaming at me to "get skinnier" and "go on lots of diets" and "lose weight lose weight!" and "go to gym wewe need to lose weight" but...
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Source: the internet!
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Source: the internet!
posted by Shelly_McShelly
hi, so i think i might have depression. i know people just say these things to get attention, but i'm not just saying it, this is something i'm really scared about. i'm sorry if this is really long, but i need to just let it out.
i'm sad all the time, manly when it comes to things like school and family. i just started mwaka 10 and it really isn't gong well.
i've been put in the challenge class (advanceed class for super smart people) and dont know why. everyone n my class gets A in every subject and 100% in tests and my average grade is a C au B, and my average percentage is under 75%. it's...
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 me SurferChic
me SurferChic
all people of fanpop i have a habit of biting my nails my mom and me have tried every single thing to try so fellow fanpopers please give me a solution if wewe do i will give wewe somthing in return if wewe want a reward if IT DOESN'T WORK i will still make wewe somthing wewe just leave me what wewe want in your picture unless i already tried your suggestions thanx for kusoma

yours truly SurferChic. :D

ps thanx so much if wewe responed pss thanx

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :::::::::::::::::::::::::::DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
 smile awile to help
smile awile to help
Plz help, I need the background muziki of this video! Thnx! ")