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UPDATE - The story is no longer available on FictionPress. I'm in the process of trying to publish it as a book.

My second novel "The Howling Heart" was inspired by Alex. I wrote the lead male character Riley in his likeness. Below is the story summary & link.

WARNING! The story contains graphic sexual content, explicit language, blood, gory scenes, and violence. It's intended for adult readers age 18 and over.

Paige Donovan is an ambitious college graduate. Her one dream is to make it to the top of the corporate ladder. She’s climbing fast when she’s given the promotion of a lifetime at Elle magazine in New York City. The bright future that lay ahead comes to an unexpected halt after the news of her father’s untimely death. Already grief-stricken, she witnesses her boyfriend’s infidelity which ultimately breaks her heart.

Just when she thinks her luck couldn’t get any worse, she inherits her father’s old cabin in the Rocky Mountains where she vacationed as a child and has a serious car accident in the mountains. She awakens battered and bruised in the small remote community of Black River. The locals are friendly and help her recover, but they keep a dark secret and are not what they seem.

Unbeknown to all, Norse gods are close by keeping a watchful eye on the mystical town and their newcomer. After a frightening encounter with a white wolf, Paige is desperate to return home. She never expects to fall for her rescuer Riley.

Riley Gray is a handsome charmer but he’s no ordinary man. He’s loved Paige since they met as children in the woods, and offers her an alternate future with him in Black River. Paige’s priorities are tested, and she must choose between the job she’s always wanted or the love she’s always dreamed of.

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