Almost Famous We all have at least ONE moment in our life that imitates a scene in ALMOST FAMOUS.!

msbliss posted on Nov 22, 2008 at 12:45AM
Actually as the exwife of a professional musco for 13 years I had many moments that imitated Almost Famous almost exactly though I didnt know it at the time as the movie hadnt been released yet. I also went to study Music Business at college so yes sometimes life is one big Scene from Almost Famous! Here are the 2 life imitating Almost Famous that have impacted my life the most! WHAT ARE YOUR ALMOST FAMOUS MOMENTS?
1)Good Almost Famous Moment ~ I had been going to this one venue (the Metro in Sydney Australia) to see my favourite band The Clouds for years. And I had always dreamed of what it must be like to a part of the back stage hype at venue that had been a huge part of most of Australias biggest bands beginnings! My ALMOST FAMOUS MOMENT came when my hubbys band (hussla yeah i know never heard of them but had good solid fan base (couple hundred) got to play back up at the Metro omggggggggg what a moment and I was not only backstage but I was a part of it all AMAZING...I KNOW HOW WILLIAM FELT BACKSTAGE BEFORE A MAJOR BIG...Its all Happening!!!

2)Sad Almost Famous moment...The scene on the bus when William says to Penny 'I have to go home' and Penny looks at him and says "You are home" breaks my heart and brings me to tears Every Single Time. Why, cause I have been a part of that lie. My husbands band made me feel like I was a intimate part of who they were both as a band and as individuals. I remember once talking about my brother and the lead guitarist saying "Forget him you dont have a brother anymore We are your Family"! You see at the time your in the moment and the bands in the moment and promises are made that in the long run ARE NEVER REALITIES AND ITS SOUL DESTROYING AND HEART BREAKING! 6 months after making that statement my husband left on the last groupie out of town and my family Instantly Disappeared just like the band abandoned William!

I was with my husband 13 and a half years and in that time I had soooooo many amazing experiences (so did our kids) met sooo many unique and wonderful people and lived a lifestyle that money could never buy! I love my life now but I will always Treasure my great Almost Famous moments, and try to forget my bad ones!
Tanya xxx

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