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posted by yoj123
After chajio, chakula cha jioni was over and Garth and Lilly left Kate asked Humphrey if he would go on a walk with her so Humphrey alisema yes. And they went to a nearby stream and talked about their weeks and Kate cuddled up with humphrey and they started making out.

After a while Kate alisema to Humphrey in a soft voice "I upendo you" Humphrey did not say anything he just sat there with Kate rubbing her back and looking into kates eyes but Kate could tell that he loved her she just knew it.

This went on for about 15 dakika and then Kate finally said, " I want to talk about mating to you".
As Hutch and Kate lay in the Wal-Mart they waited 10 dakika for the zombies to pass Hutch: "ok I think there gone". As they both stand up Kate:" ok we better get a songesha on" Hutch nodded, they both started walking to the way they came, when they got out of the town there was almost 20 zombies in there path Hutch:"well looks like we have to fight are way again" Kate:"yep" as they both got there weapons out Hutch took out 5 zombies and Kate took out 5 also Hutch:"ten more" Kate:"I got them" as she went to swing at one of them the zombie knocked the weapon on the ground and pushed her down, now...
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I sighed as my captor led me through the forest, always ensuring that I was behind him. Something about the way he kept glaring at nee was, ominous. There was a certain depth in his glare, out wasn't just a look of dominance, there was something I couldn't be for sure of. A certain soul piercing sharpness that expressed, something dark. I wasn't certain, but it deemed like hate.

He wasn't exactly the friendliest wolf. He never offered to talk, aside from the occasional grunt of disapproval he shout me when I would ask something. Even light conversation seemed far fetched for him. I tried my...
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posted by humphrey202
i was on Youtube one siku and came across a vidio that talks about all the possible plots for alpha and omega 2. maybe garth and humphrey go hunting together, get cased kwa a bear, and fall in a sewage pipe. and its up to lily and kate to find them. or, winston au tony dies and someone has to take over and lead the pack. au somebody starts a war, but that will probably not happen because i cant see humphrey trying to start a war LOL. thats all ive got so far, but ill probably come up with more.
hujambo people hope wewe enjoy please spread word around about my stories none reads them lol.

The docters pulled the plug on Nathan. " is he dead" Mike the doc asked. " well I'm not sure I don't hear his moyo but" he couldn't finish. " well I'm alive " Nathan alisema quietly. Kate, kaitlyn and everyone else was cheering and crying
" its impossible " the docter said. " well I still have a fracture and internal bleeding but alive " shadow told him quitely again.

After two weeks Nathan was all healthy " hujambo shadow we have to decide what type of rank you'll be in " eve told him outside his parents den....
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It was a hot humid siku in Jasper Park. Greg, the head alpha could not stand to hear his mate, Lea, cry in pain and agony as she was giving birth. Greg had high hopes for an alpha son. That was the only thing he actually cared about. He trotted into the cave and sat beside his mate.

"Is he out yet?" he asked in a stern voice.

"No....Not yet.... dear...." Lea grunted as she pushed in labor.

One of Greg's head betas was assisting in the birth they immediately shooed him out of the pango and he waited. Finally he was called in. Greg stood up straight and marched into his den. he looked at his mate...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
(July 4, 2011)

It was a sunny Wednesday in Kettle Falls, Washington. The sky was cloudless, the air fresh and clean. It was two days after Kate, Scar, and myself had returned from a vacation that I would never forget as long as I lived. Sure, the destination made it so, but zaidi than that, it was Scar and Kate that made it unforgetable.
I had needed to run to the store for a pickmeup for Scar, who was just now starting to onyesha the weird cravings brought on kwa her pregnancy. I had been sent to fetch hotdogs, A1 steak, mnofu sauce (yum), and chives. (Yes, I know that this combination of ingredients creates...
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Humphrey's POV

I was so happy to be home. I looked at my pups and Garth and Lilly's. Shadow looked excatly like me. nyota looked like Kate a little. Fang looked like Garth but had Lilly's Eye's. Rose had a mixture of both Lilly and Garth. I sighed. I was trying to get some sleep that morning. But my children thought different. They were bouncing off the walls and everything. I've been watching and everything. I looked at Kate and saw her smiling.
"What are wewe smiling about?" I asked.
"Oh just remebering when we decided to have these pups." She said. I groaned.
"From now on they are your kids from...
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posted by hank666
It was a warm and sunny siku in jasper Park, Canada as Humphrey began stir. As he woke he turned on his side to see his beautiful Kate laying peacefully inayofuata to him. Humphrey Was hungry, so he went to the back of the pango to eat the caribou that they had left from the night before. He quietly ate and soon went for a walk to work of the meal.
"Sure is a beautiful day". Humphrey thought to himself.
As he walked done the path, He smelled a rotting, decomposing smell which soon over welled Humphrey with its stench. Humphrey stopped and looked around for a carcass of an animal but he saw none.
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Humphrey got up and got some coffee and he added extra sugar and went and sat on the porch and the paper boy rode kwa and alisema "Hey Humphrey" and throws the paper and it lands on the porch and Humphrey says "Hey Jeremy" and then he picked up the paper and sat back down and then Garth pulled up and alisema "Hey loser hows your piece of shit car doing" and Humphrey says "Its not a piece of crap Its a classic doush bag No wait your some stupid jock fag who comes to my house to eat cause your to poor to provide for your self" then Garth picked him up and threw him to the ground and alisema "Listen we...
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Cando and Scar got out of kitanda and went out. They were only going to stay for one zaidi day, but Scar wanted a longer trip.
“Hey, Cando, I want to have a loner trip. Where should we go?”
“You want a longer one? Well, Our trip duration will only be four and a half days.”
They both thought for a little bit. Cando had an idea!
“Sacramento, California!”
“What about it?”
“We can go there for an extended trip.”
“Sounds good!”
Humphrey reported to his squad leader. The four other wolves, Joe, Steve, Jason, and Robert were also there.
“Alright, wolves! Commander Smith will...
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Scar awoke with Humphrey kwa her side. She gripped him also crying. It was awfully hard too
“Scar, we’re not doing that. I’m married and it would be disrespect to Cando.”
“I don’t want to do it. I’m just upset and I’m gripping wewe for love.”
Humphrey remembered Kate was going hunting and since Cando was gone, he was aliyopewa another chance.
“Hey, Scar, I have to go hunt.”
“I thought wewe were banned from hunting.”
“Well, since Cando is gone, I’m being aliyopewa another chance.”
“Ok, go ahead.”
Humphrey headed out to the hunting field.
“Humphrey, you’re late,”...
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posted by Darkarticwolf10
Chapter 3

When we have to eat with the pack we try not to be greedy….”it’s mine no it’s mine!!!”As I hear Zader and Seth fighting over a caribou leg,” those two are an
Exception” I said. While Seth and Zader are still fighting over the piece of caribou, I go see how my cub is doing.” he’s fine, he’s growing up so fast and he looks like he can be a very good alpha” Miranda alisema with excitement.” well that’s good” I said.”
Meanwhile….. In earthland forest, Cinth, is getting his best Mbwa mwitu loups to attack Jasper Park
At dawn, but he needs to know a route to get there.”...
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 Rouge shoting at the enemy aircraft
Rouge shoting at the enemy aircraft
Ok so at soccent airbase was pretty cool thought humphrey as they were aliyopewa a tour and then there was a rumble and bufiting of rotors and then humphrey saw the aircraft. Rouge was shooting at the enemy aircraft and was succesful at taking down the heli but not the jets.they retreated to the bunker they saw zombies pouring in and humphrey yelled "Zombies open fire!" the did just that and then when they thought it was over they saw zaidi they were all running low on ammo. Kate screamed cornered kwa a zombie humphrey sniped it Kate says "Thanks" then shakey yells " Anybody have an extra fucking...Ahh...ahhh!"...
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posted by alphawolf13
Here we are again, the final chapter. The end, the climax, whatever wewe want to call it. Bon Appétit!

Chapter Seven: Peace at Last

Humphrey and Kate had reached Lilly and Garth's den. Humphrey had just finished explaining to Kate the story behind his nightmare.

"So that's why wewe were so fixed on stopping me from going up against the hunter." Kate said.

"Yep, sounds pretty far fetched doesn't it?" Humphrey asked.

"A little bit, but all dreams have a meaning don't they? Perhaps the meaning of yours was to save me from being killed kwa the hunter." Kate said.

"Maybe it was." Humphrey agreed. It made...
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posted by Lillys-mate101
Humphrey came in to get his mate Kate for the the moonlight and found Eve smoking weed He alisema “Hey Eve” “Hey bastard!” replied Eve he walked right kwa and went to Kate’s room and walked in on her grooming her self he backed away quickly and waited out side and she came out looking 10x hotter than she had the first time she and him had gone to the moonlight howl together they walked up towards the howling rock and Saltey spoted kate and alisema “Kate is hot” And hujambo did not know she heard him she kicked him in the face and alisema “Perv!” and they got to the juu it was beautiful...
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posted by sanman7
 The six ODST's
The six ODST's
"C'mon enemies are on our six go go!" The Ashley ran on, she was on earth but why was the covenant here? Right then the distinct buzz of a plasma grenade sounded and the device detonated, sending Ashley flying. she raised her head again and saw the shrapnel stuck in her thigh, she wanted to pull it out, but was afraid it had punctured the artery."We are the will of the gods, and we are their instruments!" The brute raised her kwa her throat, and snarled warm saliva into Ashley's face. The brute slowly clambered around to see the master chief. Chief calmly upper cutted the brute, breaking its...
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Edited this part of the movie out as a sort of sneak peak clip.
mbwa mwitu
(Be warned this is not part of UNSC upendo and has a completely different protagonist)(Halo 4 spoiler alert)

For us, the storm has passed, the war is over, but let us never for get those who journeyed into the howling dark... and did not return, This hillside will remain barren, a memorial to Heroes fallen.-Lord ackerson hood

John held the note between his index and forefinger it was his master chief insignia.

"Cortana, how long am I supposed to stay on earth?"

John forgot cortana was long gone he looked at the destroyed housing for the A.I.

"I remember how Halsey told me how wewe came to existence,...
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