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posted by squirrelpaw23
"Tag your it!"Kate alisema as she ran."Im so going to get you!!" I alisema as i was running to catch up."Come and get me then slow poke!"she alisema over her sholder as she ran into the deep part of the forest.When i reached the edge of it i heard a terrified scream."Kate!"i yelled as i ran into the deep part, forgetting my own safety.As i broke into a clearing i stoped and listened for her.As i stood there i started to remember my own safety making me nervous."K-kate come on this isnt fun any more."thinking she might be pulling a prank,untill i saw a motionless patch of light brown fur, manyoya in the grass."Kate!!"i alisema in a panic.I ran over and saw claw marks all over her.I leaned over to see if she was still breathing when i heard"uuuggh".I said"kate-come on wake up!"as i shook her.Finaly she woke up she sat up and looked around as if she had never been here before.Finaly she saw me and said"excuse me but who are you?". "are wewe joking?'i asked.she shook her head no."Im humphry dont wewe remember me?".again she shook her head no."here is another question, who am i?"
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