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Her Father Okari, a dark male mbwa mwitu about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female mbwa mwitu about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene. Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to. Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help. Just standing behind the window made me feel uncomfortable, making me feel dead inside: I should just go in there, but I can’t do nothing but to wait for her to come out.
I clutched my silverish white paws just…. For something I can’t explain about.
I looked back up, just waiting what’ll happen inayofuata what she had to face for no reason. Her Father looked down at her, looking at her like he had no soul. He crouched down and grabbed her back head, forcing her eyes to look straight into his as she panted.
I couldn’t hear what he was saying but as he was finished he threwed her face away from his, almost hitting the chipped floor.
Okari left, closing the hard door making some of the frames fall and tilt.
Tesla tried getting up very slowly, she tried recovering her stances but she dropped until she finally recovered again, limping though; I knew for a sec her eyesight was making her blurry so I rushed through the door, quickly opening it without making a sound and placed her arms around my shoulders, helping her to get outside.
She stared at me with her bloody face, moaning from the pain she had taken.
‘Marshall…..’ She chocked my name
‘Don’t talk…just hang in there Tesla’ I told her, wiping the blood off her face.
We stepped out from the room and I carried her down from the outside’s steps, almost wanting to throw up.
How can her own Father do this to her? In fact her Mother, who never came back for her to take her home….leaving without Tesla……. I curse and bless her for that. Meanwhile, I placed her back on an old widow mti softly, healing her wounds.
I rose back up and left her there as I ran back towards her place. Her Father was just there, sleeping like nothing ever happened…. He has no right to be called a Father au to breathe in this world.
Slowly, I walked in their grabbing a blanket and her no colored notebook. Every step I made squeaked across the floor, I had to make sure nothing drops so it wouldn’t make a sudden boom sound. I got outta there safely, the wind was getting colder. Tesla was shivering with her arms together.
I kneeled near her and covered her with the blanket, the notebook I had no idea of bringing it with me but I thought she might need it for later. She stared at me, her blood turned dark and blended in with her fur.
‘Marshall’ she alisema without choking. ‘Why are wewe this kind to me?’
She covers herself tighter around the blanket, making moaning sounds of pain.
‘I can’t see wewe like this, not all the time’ I explained. ‘You’re too beautiful to be living in a hell in this world…’
I snickered, thinking about her family.
‘Your dad hates you, probably over for no reason; and your mother left you, I’m like both parents to wewe we don’t let go of each other like… like’
I tried hard to think of an example as I got closer to her, explaining in my thoughts trying to figure out my last sentence.
‘Like your symbol?’ She answered.
My symbol (The Sixth Southern) I placed my paw behind my back and rubbed my birthmark, which it represented the battle of Nero near our past future, being trained to fight, survive, betrayed, au die… that’s our role for the Sixth Southerns.
‘Yes..’ I alisema in a low voice. ‘Like my symbol..’
We Sixth Southerns were born to be this way;Born without love, but born to die for Nero, though Nero is a classified name ‘til we’re fully trained……there’s no such thing as fair.
I looked the other way, feeling very unpleasant about my role and symbol.
‘I’m sorry I alisema that M-‘
‘It’s ok Tesla…its ok.’ I interrupted.
‘Your Father should be the one apologizing.’
I sighed, feeling the cold air rushing through my fur, manyoya and making my muzzle cold.
‘You can’t go back there.’ I murmured near her.
I placed my paws over her bruised face and then slowly, giving her part of my energy for her bruises and scars.
I was in short breath, feeling half of my energy flowing into her.
She moaned, feeling better with her eyes closed.
’I have to, there’s nowhere else I’m suppose to go he said’
‘Why do wewe even listen to-‘
She yelled, almost with her eyes full of tears growling at me then to herself as they run down and down and down til they fell.
‘And no matter what he does he’s all I have…cept.-
‘Cept what?’ I interrupted.
She didn’t talk; she slowly moved her paw out from under the blanket and pulled a little silver chain that carried a dark purple rock au something.
‘A rock?’ I chuckled in a positive way.
What she had is whatever she had, and if that rock means something to her, well….it means something in her life.
‘My mother told me this wasn’t no ordinary Gem.’ She corrected me. ‘She used this from Nero herself, making her the last wimen to survive.’
I was shocked, her mother was in the battlefield of Nero? Only a few females were selected to jiunge a team to fight au die for their place.
‘But…’ She continued.
‘After my mother left me, she never told me whether she entered au joined.’
‘So your mom was as well a Southern?’ I answered.
She clutched her Gem and looked up towards me.
‘Some say she was zaidi than that….’
Her voice sounded like she had confessed something, almost like I can relate to. The moon was very bright now, meaning it was midnight au so on. Bats were out now, screeching sudden noises from all the fighting and eating, I wonder how they can fly without their eyesight.
‘Do wewe need a place to stay?’ I asked without thinking. Why did I just alisema that?
‘I mean, only if wewe want to.’ I corrected myself.
The wind was now blowing softer, but cold in every movement I made.
‘Yes, I need a night like this to forget what happened from….you know’ She alisema in a soft voice, trying not to talk, neither mention ‘bout today au her Father.
I helped her up, tighting the blanket around her. She never released my paw around her as we walked away deep in the woods. We entered a small Den; Water leaked down, cracks on boulders though the cave was warm.
She layed down letting loose of her blanket and drank some water kwa the side of her feeling hydrated now from her body, feeling refreshed from her insides.
‘Marshall..’ I turned, facing her while I sat almost outside the cave.
‘Thank you, for healing me….your a true friend.’ She smiled.
I smiled back, feeling warm; not from the dense air inside the cave, but inside of me. She layed her head back and slept. Everything seems ok now, but my life never chosed it to be easy au for Tesla. Not now…nor ever, til the end of my life told me.
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Chapter 13: For the Win

Humphrey turned to his sister and smiled.

"Thank you," he said.

"What, did wewe really think that after all of these years without you, I would just go back to my boring life as a house pet?" she asked. "Being separated from wewe was the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I will never let it happen again."

"Thanks," Humphrey said, and then paused. "Losing wewe was hard too, and I guess, even though I hardly remembered, deep down, I was still looking for you. And now that we're together, nothing is going to separate us ever again."

Kenya smiled back.

"Now let's finish...
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brought to wewe kwa the same people behind The Nut Job.... and somehow, this looks even worse!
" Sir," one of the Mbwa mwitu loups of Silvertip alisema as soon as he entered the pango of Luetsun. " What is it," Luetsun asked he lifted his head from his nap with his mate. " Oh, sorry. Were wewe asleep?"
He stod up and replied, " Never mind that, what's the deal?"
" Well, black shucks've been sighted up north."
" Where exactly?"
" Around Jasper park."
" Alright, I'll be over there."
As the mbwa mwitu left, Luetsun nudged his mate, Antana and said, " Wake up."
When she opened her eyes, he softly said, " I'm sorry, but I have to go. There are black shucks up north and they want me to deal with them."
Antana stood up...
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Humphrey watching Garth playing catch with a football with his pup while drinking a soda
(Narrator) Garth must be proud of his boy
Humphrey’s pup tries to kick the foot ball but misses
(Narrator) how do wewe feel about yours Humphrey!
Humphrey cutting down a mti with an axe
(Narrator) If wewe want him to throw 50 yards WELL GIVE HIM FIFTY YARDS!
Humphrey ties up a pole with chains then brings down the mti and a porch with his lawn mower
(Narrator) He’s matunda of your alphas Humphrey YOUR FIRST BORN SUN!
Don’t let him be the team mascot.
Humphrey destroying something with explosives and ramming...
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well i guess i had no choice but to stay the night with chrsity. but i'm only gonna stay there for one night. heres the rules she gave me:

"hey do wewe need a job?" christy said. "i guess so." i said. "well theres a "help wanted" in my workforce place." she said. "what do wewe Mbwa mwitu loups do there?" i asked. "oh, we just deliver chakula to all the markets." she said. "sure ill take it but how much do they pay you?" i asked. "abooout $10.oo an hour." she said. "come on ill take you." she said. "ok." i said. so...
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Note Sweets and Salty are in the story no offense.

It was a clear siku at Jasper city at the Jasper city Police Station a few black and whites (police cars) Depart for their patrol all over the city, then a Black and white departs the station the number on the car is 012 the officers on board are officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed,
There are known as ADAM-12.
Malloy and Reed were busy on their patrol till the Radio goes off........................................................
ONE ADAM-12 Roger, reed alisema on the radio...
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