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posted by kates-mate101
The nyasi was gently flowing in unison with the wind. The trees were imba and the sky was perfectly blue along with several drowsy clouds slowly drifting by. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing. My fur, manyoya gently ruffled as I padded to the gulley in jasper. It was where a herd of caribou resided. It was where my pack hunted. How we survived. I decided to do a little solo training. I had passed Alpha school just recently, so I had some time to myself before my regular responsibilities began. Alpha school was pleasant… I learned much from there. I learned how to hunt, some combat drills, pretty much learned how to survive. I will save those stories for later. I remember watching Kate hunt. Her muscular, brawny arms propelling herself through the valley in hunt of the caribou. Her tail gracefully dancing behind her… She was perfect… And I loved her. I am a highly desirable male. I was strong and firm, was good looking at best. I am known as, “Badass” Because on my right eye, I had a scar that went right through it. That’s why I covered it with my hair. Then, I took on a look that I could only see through my left eye. It didn’t hinder my progress in anything. And I made sure to teach anyone who thought otherwise. My dusky grey fur, manyoya made me hard to see at night. My kauli mbiu for hunting is, when wewe know I am there, wewe are in danger… When wewe can’t see me and all wewe can hear is my laughter… wewe are dead. So back to my story.

I was walking down the grassy plains. I headed to the hunting gulley. I remember this spot… Where my parents were buried. I sat down and decided to… reminisce… for a while… I remember how warmly my mother and father had treated me… Letting me suckle when I was cold… Snuggling up with me when it was late… All these memories… Just worthless bits of when I was happy. The only other times I am truly happy, are when I am with Kate. She makes me feel as if I am still worth something… She makes me feel as if I can do anything… I looked down at the grave… Dirt mounds over their bodies… Decomposed… just Bones and dirt… Over the grave, withered flowers. I told my Marafiki that it was to respect them when they climbed the nyota ladder to heaven, but really I thought to myself that the maua, ua would wither away and die… Just as my moyo has. I sat up and made my way to the gulley. I took a path down. The dirt crunched beneath my pads. I stuck my nose to the ground and took a deep whiff. I sensed the caribou were near so I stepped to into the valley. Stray tufts of nyasi protruded from the crusty bottom. Little pebbles speckled the terrain. I looked up. The caribou herd was just in front of me. About, 50 tail lengths away. Then my Alpha instincts kicked in. I found cover and I ran behind it. I made sure my tail wasn’t inaonyesha and then I began to think up my game plan.

My Marafiki and I were heading to the hunting grounds. They had told me a few males were headed here and they decided they wanted to come. I didn’t know why, since they were all sensible females, however they insisted on looking for a mate. They told me… “Kate, wewe need to start thinking about finding a mate,” Then I tell them that I’m perfectly fine the way I am. I approached the gulley. We sat near the edge… We scoped around the gulley to see if we could find anyone… au anything… Then, I saw a mbwa mwitu down there. Seth. His grey fur, manyoya was easily visible over the beige surface. He got into a hunter’s crouch and slowly stalked the herd. He found a mti shina that had fallen and he pulled half his body over it so he could see his progress. I watched in amazement. New techniques… I had never thought of trying. He crouched, he even waited for the wind to blow so his scent would be harder to pick up. My Marafiki saw my eye on him. “Is he the one?” They asked me. I shrugged my shoulders. I wanted to see what this Alpha could do. Then, he kicked up a wingu of dust as he jetted forward.
I ran forwards, My paws thudding against the ground. I kicked up dust and dirt as I ran. There was a slope near the side. There was also a huge barrier of rock blocking my way to the caribou so I improvised. I ran up the slope. As I ran, I noticed 4 females, Alpha’s. My age and watching me. And one of them… Was Kate. I immediately picked my pace. I jetted mbele and jumped in the air, over the rocks, spiraling as I did so. I heard a… “Whoa!” and a “Wow!” but over them all, I was happy about picking up a feeling impress from Kate and hearing a gasp from her. As I landed, the caribou began to run. I ran closer and closer to the one at the back, obviously an older caribou. I began to nip at his heels. But then he kicked back at me. It hit me square in the face. I fell back and felt pain and anger sear up in me. No way was this stupid horse gonna ruin my attention. I jetted up to him. I started attacking in a way that no one had seen before. I took my fore paws and grabbed it’s tail. I put my two hind legs on it’s two thighs and pulled. It popped off with blood splurting into the air. “AH!” I heard coming from Kate. However it wasn’t from fear au disgust. It was again, impressed. I tossed it away. The caribou staggered and I jumped onto it. I grabbed it’s two antlers. It kept running so I thought I may as well make the hunt interesting and entertaining for my female viewers. Also, the caribou was gonna pay for kicking me. I pulled the caribou’s head one way. It rammed into the side of the gulley. Then the other. It crashed into the other side. Finally, I yanked up all together, throwing the caribou off. I took one claw, sliced the life pumping artery on it’s neck and ended it’s life.
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