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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Chapter 2: swali Time
This was Kate and Humphrey's first time sitting together ever. Mr O'Neill walked around the classroom putting a piece of paper on everyone's tables. He put one on Kate and Humphrey's dawati and alisema "Don't turn it over until I tell you. Ok?" Kate and Humphrey both nodded. For a while they sat in silence, until Mr O'Neill spoke to address the class

"Ok class now settle down. wewe will all remain here until break time (first 3 classes of the day), as instructions kwa the principal. Why? Well this is what she called the ice 'breaker session', because as am sure wewe have noticed,...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Chapter 1: Table-Buddies
It was a normal siku at school for Humphrey and Kate. Humphrey and Kate were in class 10A, the highest class in the year. To provide a background, on Monday there was a huge fight between 5 boys in the year. It's Friday now, and the school has decided to make a rule; to assign one boy and one girl as "Table-Buddies", basically they have to sit inayofuata to each other in all classes

They arrived into their form room to see their form teacher, Mr O'Neill. He told all the boys to stand at the back of the class, while the girls all sat at the tables kwa themselves, as he assigned...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Name: John Black

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Special force

Family: Deceased

Description: Black hair, ice blue eyes, 150lb, 6'9ft

Personality: Partially insane, loyal, and respectful

Name: Daniel West

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Special force

Family: Tierra , Danny , Shelley {little sister}

Description: Black hair, ocean blue eyes, 140lb, 6'8ft

Personality: Loyal, respectful, and protective of his friend and family

John and Daniel they were good friend and still are good friend to this day but same stuff changes over the past year with them. Now they was roommate why well since John...
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added by Alphawolfkate12
 i need wewe upendo
i need you love
I need your love.
I need your time.
When everything's wrong.
wewe might make it right

I feel so high.
I come alive.
I need to be with wewe tonight.
I need your upendo


I need your love.

I take a deep breath everytime i pass your door.
I know your there but just can't see wewe anymore.
And that's the reason,you're in the dark.
I've been a staranger ever since we fell apart and i feel
So helpless here.

Watch my eyes fill with fear.
Tell me,do wewe feel the same.
Hold me in your arms again
I need wewe love