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MY COOKIE! OMG! OMG! OMG! Someone frickin' aliiba MY cookie!!
Stifler- *eating cookie* Damn this cookie is good.
Me- OMG!!! That's MY COOKIE!! *tackles*
Stifler- OMG!! GET HER OFF!!! GET HER OFF!!!
Me- *steals cookie back* My precious....
My friend, Laura (my bestie :))- Omg, what the hell?
Me- *points at Stifler* He aliiba my cookie! And ate some of it!!
Laura-...*rolls eyes* wewe and your cookies!
Me-..But I like a cookie!
Laura- *takes cookie, gives to Stifler then gets new one* Here, take this one *hands it to me*
Me- *takes cookie* YEAH!!!! *nibbles on cookie*
Laura- *rolls eyes and walks away* Whatever
Me- *looks at viewers* WHAT?!? Never saw girl hyper before? Go get a life!! *nums on cookie* don't steal my cookies! EVER! He he *evil laugh*
Stifler- O.o