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adwbuffy posted on Jun 16, 2008 at 11:55PM
In the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer we first incounter the famous vampire in history. Name Angelus, who was sired by Darla. Darla and Angelus was the hottest couple of the vampire family. When Buffy first met Angelus she first thought it was Angel at first. But Angelus was surprise he met the slayer that his other side has fallen in love with her. As we understand Angel's curse that True Happeness is the trigger his soul.

Overall when Buffy had killed Angel and send him to hell. He came back from hell and wants her back. Angel feelings for Buffy hasn't change he still loves her. So hasn't Buffy she stil loves him. When Bangel has fallen apart. Angel has figured out that Buffy needs someone in her life that bring her to the light.

Angel left her and went to Los Angelos to start a new agency. To save the helpless. When Angel was on the path of the champion he figured out all his past torment that made him the strongest vampire with a soul. Anyway there was a lot great epsiodes of the famous Angelus or Angel.

Angel 1-5

1) City Of
2) Release
3) Orphesus
4) Souless
5) To Shanshu Prohercy

Then all the great episodes of the hit season of 5 with Spike and Angel.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1-3

1) Angel
2) Surprise
3) Innonce
4) Becomming Part 1 & 2
5) Killed by Death
6) Passion
7) Beauty and the Beasts
8) Enemies
9) Graduation Part 1 & 2

Pick any episodes that desire of watching Angel or Angelus.Well thats all I can remember of the episodes of Angel or Angelus if any epsiodes are not mentioned above please confirm them down below on the comments thank you.

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita leavr said…
Angelus also appears in the film as a reminder:

The Prodigal (Back in Angel's past, Darla finds that Angel has killed all of his family. )
Dear boy (Angelus announces that he's decided to make Drusilla a vampire)
The trial (Angelus and Darla are on the run from a relentless vampire hunter named Daniel Holtz.)
Darla (Angelus, Darla, and Drusilla bump into a man named William)
and many others.