Angry Birds Marafiki Pigini beach, pwani Update Now Available

Patrick-Star54 posted on Jul 19, 2012 at 12:57AM
In a surprise update, Angry Birds Friends (aka, Angry Birds Facebook) has released a new episode for their Facebook friends, called Pigini Beach! This update follows the same Summer-y theme as Surf and Turf, so make sure your chair is in a reclined and comfortable position before venturing into these new levels. Between the Piglantis update for full Angry Birds Seasons, Summer Pignic’s addition to Angry Birds Chrome, and now Pigini Beach on Facebook, we must implore you to apply liberal amounts of sunscreen.

This update includes:

15 Beachy Levels! Walkthrough pages and videos are up, so if you need help please check them out. As always, our videos don’t use power-ups, so feel free to submit strategies with power-ups in the comments section.
Embedd-able Gameplay! Just as with Surf and Turf on Facebook, users can embed these levels to share their progress. Embedded levels do not include power-ups, but they can be fun nonetheless.
Leaderboards! Not only can you compete against your Facebook friends, but you will be able to compete against some of the best Facebook players in the world on our Facebook Leaderboards. Scores using power-ups are welcome there, but please justify your score with detailed strategies at least.

Pigini Beach walkthroughs for all 15 are live!
Enter your scores on the Pigini Beach leaderboard now! If you’re new you might want to enter your scores on other Facebook levels as well.
 In a surprise update, Angry Birds Marafiki (aka, Angry Birds Facebook) has released a new episode for

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