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posted by Addika4045
1# Scream, "Sebastian is just too sexy, Sebastian is just too sexy!"
2# Every time he serves chakula say, "There's a spot right there."
3# Whenever wewe see a spider, kill it in front of Claude.
4# Invite Grell over to crush on Claude (in exchange for one saa with Sebastian alone).
5# Ask him if he likes Hannah and wants to adopt the triplets.
6# Run around the mansion nude and yell at Claude, "WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES??"
7# Come nyumbani with a cat and name it Sebastian.
8# Hug Claude and never let him go.
9# Throw a party and have everyone dress up like cats.
10# Tell Claude that his crochet needle and stuff has been eaten kwa a cat.
11# Ask Claude constantly, "Are wewe a sadist, are wewe a sadist?"
12# Ask Claude to pose on his kitanda shirtless.
13# Tell Claude, "Sebastian makes better chai than you!" every siku when its chai time.
14# Scream the sekunde wewe wake up, "I wanna form a contract with Sebastian, he's hotter!"
15# Ask Claude,"Sssssoooo, how long have wewe and Hannah been going out? Aren't the Triplets adorable?"
16# Ask Claude to start wipping wewe every time wewe use the bathroom.
17# Tell Claude to dress up as a cat and purr while shaking his butt.
18# Dump a litter of kittens into Claude's room and say wewe wanted to start a family.
19# Ask Claude if in his true form he really is as hairy as a spider.
20# Scream, "You must be retarded to fight with jikoni utensils.”
21# Tell the Triplets to start caressing Claude for no reason.
22# Ask Claude to take of his clothes and then say "Ole!" every time Alois walks by.
23# Stare at Claude without saying anything for as long as wewe can.
24# Every time wewe see Claude, burst into laughter and slap him on the back.
25# Hang up a picture of Sebastian in Claude's room and say (when he confronts you) "Aw, wewe know he's your BAE homie!" and then skip away imba My Little Homie.
26# Throw holy water at him and yell, "Get clean wewe demon!!!"
27# Ask Claude if he can give wewe a piggy back ride around the world saying, "Yes your highness”, the whole time.
28# Exchange all of Claude's clothes for pink tu-tu's with Cats on them.
29# Ask Claude what's the weather up there every time wewe see him (since he's really tall XD)
30# Tell Claude to take a nap while wewe take a walk in the gardens- in actuality wewe go and shave all his hair off and leave a note kwa his kitanda saying: What shampoo did wewe use??? Too bad wewe don't have any hair now.
35# Ask Claude if he wears underwear.
36# Tell Sebastian and Ciel to come over and talk about cats.
37# Tell Claude to kuoga with you.
38# Say to Claude, "Don't wewe wish that wewe were so hot like me?" and say it over and over.
39# Lick yourself all over while in Claude's presence.
40# Jump on Alois's kitanda right after Claude makes it.
41# Squeal like a little girl every time Claude looks at you.
42# Play 'Poker Face' every time Claude passes you.
43# Burst into Claude's room and say, "Dance with me wewe hot piece of guy"
44# Ask "Why" to everything Claude says.
45# Every time Claude serves wewe tea, say (in a british accent), "Why are wewe so proper?" then pour the chai all over Claude and break the chai pot.
46# Ask Claude why he put the Faustian Contract on Alois's tongue, then say, "Dude, that's wrong on so many levels."
47# Cry the whole siku non-stop while screaming, "Why wewe not mine Claude Baby?"
48# Say to Claude every time wewe see him, "Don't wewe wish wewe were as hot as Sebastian?"
49# Get onto Alois's kitanda and say, "Hot Lips, Dirty Hips, Sexy Smile, Sebby Style" while talking in a Dracula Accent.
50# Tell Claude that the reason he's not hot is because he's secretly a vampire and that Sebastian will always be hotter (not to mention sexier) than him even if he was Sebastian (LOL).

If wewe do happen to still be alive (or just really really like this article) give me a thumbs up and send my upendo to Claude. wewe may be bata taped to Sebastian going a ship to Africa if you're lucky enough XD!
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