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 Not exactly her, but it works
Not exactly her, but it works
-Common, we can make it! Grover encouraged. Thalia had one arm over his shoulder, he was helping her walk.
-Common kiddo, its over soon, common. Luke encouraged from behind. His sword was drawn and he ran backwards. I nodded, breathless, and looked over my shoulder. I couldn't see them, but I just knew what was happening. They were catching up to us. I could even hear their heavy paws hitting the ground over the rain.
-That's the hill! Thalia said. A roar sounded.
-ANNABETH, RUN! Luke yelled.
-Don't stop, run to the Big house! Grover added.
I obbeyed and ran past Thalia and Grover. Half-way down...
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I sat at my desk, patiently kusoma "To Kill A Mockingbird" when the kengele rang. A million things in my head stumbled over each other at once. The test I finished had been particularly challenging, but nothing I couldn't handle.

"Only wewe could actually care about physics, Wise Girl," Percy had teased me just a few weeks ago. I had laughed and told him that it was zaidi important than he thought.

"Yes, because when I'm fighting monsters I'll really need to know E=MC2," he'd replied sarcastically.

"You never know. . ."

I snapped out of the memory and stood up. Grabbing my backpack, I accidentally...
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-...Well I did warn wewe about giving the kid paper and pencils. Luke alisema from the entrance of the cabin. I paid no attention, just kept drawing.
-No kidding. We didn't think wewe were serious! Meg answered. She'd pulled her hair back in a braid.
It'd been a week since we'd gotten to camp, and we were still repeating the story as best as we could. Usually I either chocked up au let the story trail off. Nobody pushed me. I was still the cute/innocent/leave-her-alone 7 mwaka old. I figured I had max 3 days before that bubble got popped.
-What'cha doing now Hadid? She asked.
Meg was calling me by...
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Ring!!!! RIng!!! Thank God English is over. It's so hard. wewe see the problem is I have dyslaxia. Which makes kusoma in English extremly hard.It's been getting worse ever since my 12th birthday. I also have ADHD which makes sitting still and trying to actully figure out what the book says hard to do. I also have to go nyumbani to my dad. I mean don't get me wrong he's ok but he's my stepdad so I feel like he shouldn't be in my life, since he isn't related to me. But my mom on the other hand it awesome.
"Evan wewe should go hangout with your father. wewe guys could use some bonding time"
"Mom, I already...
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posted by redhawks
Chapter 6

    Things were pretty calm for a few days, but then the borders started fading fast. During breakfest it was so boring that I decided to ask what was so special about the pine tree. Since it was so quite everyone heard me and stared at me. I was so embarressed. Then luckly Grover saved me and told everyone I was the new kid and had not heard the story. He then told me and I relized why everyone stared at me. I still can't believe that girl had risked her live and ended up dying because of it just to save her friends. Anyways as I was saying the borders started...
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posted by HecateA
Hey, ilitumwa this in the Heroes of Olympus club, and I thought wewe guys might enjoy it too, hope wewe do!

The Fighter

    Woods’ eyes drifted from student to student. Some were still leaning over their desks finishing the test. Others were playing rock-paper-scissors and the maarufu clique in the corner was passing notes, from one cheerleader to another. The class was completely quiet, but everyone was doing something.
    All but Annabeth Chasse.
    She was studying a map, adding dots and erasing them, but she didn’t seem as focused...
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 Rough interpretation of Artie
Rough interpretation of Artie
I’m attacked kwa a demon puppy
I was sitting on the floating dock at muhuri Harbor Beach. I came here to think. This dock usually floated at high tide but it was low tide so the dock was just sitting on the sand. The smells of low tide floated into my nose. I had grown accustom to this smell, seeing as though I came here very often. It was the smell of samaki and lobster.

Today, I had come here to wonder what was wrong with my life. My mother had died when I was 2 years old so I was too young to remember, but every night I strained all the energy out of my brain trying to remember her....
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posted by AnnabethC1376

Annabeth Chase's point of view:

I was sitting below the decks on the Argo II kusoma the Iliad...again.I set the book down and brushed the bangs behind my ear that were hanging in my face. I sighed and rubbed my face, wondering when we would get there and if Percy would remember me.Everything had been so messed up since he disappeared.We got Jason who had no memory, Piper and Leo. All of which, were above decks.I walked over to my bunk and looked at the pictures I had pinned up.All of the ones of me and Percy Grover and Sally Jackson,...
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posted by HecateA
"No. No, no, no, no..." I moanned.
Holden was once again playing messenger.
"I'm sorry Annabeth. Her dad IM'ed this morning. She was declared dead the moment the paramedics saw her." Holden said. He wasn't crying, but his eyes betrayed him, puffy red as they were.
I curled up on my bunk, pressed against the ukuta and tears tracked down my cheeks.
She'd been unbeatale. Untouchable. Bulletproof. But there'd been a chink in the armor. There always is, she's alisema it herself. And now she was just lying in a morgue somewhere, dead.
"How could that..."
"Nobody knows. She went down fighting, Annabeth....
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posted by redhawks
Chapter Three
After I got the load down on all the Greek Gods/Goddesses and how they were all real, I was freaked out for the whole day. I kept thinking that if I alisema the wrong thing Zeus would punish me kwa striking me with a lightning bolt. The worse thing that siku was meeting the Hermes cabin. I can still see the sad look on everyone's face. Well that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was when Chiron asked me where my twin Ethan was. I hated telling him that he had ran away. I didn't even know where he was going. All I knew was that he was going this cruise ship called the Princess...
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posted by HecateA
Luke was shaking. Tears rolled down his cheeks, he wouldn't believe it, but the proof was overwhelming. He had to.
-She isn't dead, not really, is she? He asked Chiron, pulling the collar, alama of his koti, jacket closer to his neck with the arm that wasn't around me. I was leaning on him. I was tired, scared, sad, and all the other things a 7 mwaka old would be.
-I'm not sure. I think most of her is indeed dead. He answered, his tail swinging in the air.
-Luke closed his eyes tight and bit his lip. I whipped the corner of my eyes with my sleeve.

Thalia had been untouchable. She'd always stood tall, she'd...
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“Most of us here have. If wewe weren’t one of us, wewe wouldn’t have been able to survive the Minotaur, much less the nectar and ambrosia,” I explained.

“Nectar and ambrosia,” Percy repeated.

“It was the medicine I was feeding wewe when wewe woke up. The stuff would have killed a normal kid. It didn’t kill wewe because you’re a half-blood.”

Moments after I broke the news to Percy, a horrifyingly familiar voice rang behind Percy. A huge girl, about 5 foot 9, appeared. She had long stringy dark brown hair as if she hadn’t taken a shower, much less brushed her hair in at least a...
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I had to restrain myself form slapping him.

"Wait what?" I could tell I was making this kid confused.

I just rolled my eyes. and kept walking. How could I think he could be the one?

"What?" Percy said.

Oops, i guess I had alisema that out loud.

"What's your problem? All I know is that I killed some ng'ombe guy thin-' Percy started to say. I knew this wasn't going to be pretty.

"Don't talk like that! Do wewe know how many campers would die to have that chance?" I was starting to get annoyed. If theres one thing wewe should know about me is that I hate being wrong, and I especially hate it when people doubt...
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Percy's Point of View (POV) Age 20

I sat at a Cafe, tapping my fingers impatiently, awaiting the return of Leo. My ADHD was starting to act up, and I couldn't sit still. When will Leo return? Did a monster eat him?
With that lovely thought, Leo burst into the cafe yelling," Finished!" Everyone stared at him oddly as he slinked into the the kiti, kiti cha across from mine. He was grinning happily.
"I fixed it." He said, as if I didn't hear him. " No spiders. All fixed."
"Promise?" I asked, in a concerned tone
"I swear on the River Styx."
Thunder rumbled in the distance.
"Well thats good. Your Dads the...
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'watch out!!'
i ducked as an arrow whizzed past my head.
'are wewe OK?' a girl with curly dirty blonde hair ran towards me.
'yeah... i'm cool, Becky', i replied, sighing.
'you don't look that way.'
Rebecca 'Becky' Jones was a new camper, and one of my new best friends. she is a daughter of Apollo and unlike her dad, she's an awesome musician (shhhh!!!!)
'yes', i said. 'then shook my head. 'no. i really don't know. everything's happening so fast. can wewe believe it? only a mwezi and the Argo's ready!'
'Leo's awesome', Becky nodded, her curls bobbing up and...
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posted by luvsoccer97

i narrowed my eyes as Leo led me towards bunker nine.
'are wewe sure you're ready to onyesha everyone?' i asked.
'it's ready', he smiled, leading me forward.
i shook m y head impatiently. i unsheathed kisu n stared at the blade. it's history was painful. i felt a strange lump in my neck.
'coming?' Leo asked me. 'why did wewe stop?'
'keep walking Valdez' i said, 'why isn't piper with us?'
'she's getting worse in archery. Chiron insists on practice.'
'and Jason?'
'er, he went to Morpheus's cabin'.
'why are wewe always thinking so much?' Leo asked me.
'huh?' i asked.
'you're always thinking!'...
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