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white zombie
The pretty reckless
judas priest
motley crue
No doubt
zz top
Green day
Steve Miller band
the beatles
faith no more
drowning pool
skid row
The who
the guess who
blue oyster cult
fall out boy
linkin park
three days grace
beastie boys
joan jett & the black hearts
Iron maiden
goo goo dolls
guns n' roses
van halen
deep purple
black sabbath
pink floyd
the killers
kings of leon
the rolling stones
blink - 182
Bon jovi
smasing pumkins
the doors
lynyrd skynyrd
the eagles
foo fighters
the police
system of a down
 Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
1.Michael Jackson
2.The Pretty Reckless
5.Judas Preist
6.Motley Crue
7.Black Sabbath
9.No doubt
15.Nicki Minaj
16.Linkin Park
17.Steve Miller Band
18.Joan Jett and the black hearts
20.Def Leppard
21.Fall out Boy
22.The Jackson5/The Jacksons
24.Avril Lavigne
27.Rob Zombie/White Zombie
29.Lady Gaga
30.Redhot Chillie Peppers
31.The beatless
33.The Beastie Boys
34.Limp Bizkit
35.Bon Jovi
36.Blue Oyster Cult
37.The Rolling Stones
1.Taylor Momsen
2.Kristen Stewart
3.Jackie Jackson
4.Jermaine Jackson
5.Tito Jackson
6.Jim Carrey
7.Janet Jackson
8.Channing Tatum
9.Marlon Jackson
10.Zac Efron
11.Amber Heard
12.Emma stone
14.Demi Lavato
15.Rachael Mcadams
16.orlando Bloom
17.Johny Depp
 Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen
 The Jackson 5
The Jackson 5
 Michael Jackson & Bon Jovi
Michael Jackson & Bon Jovi
 Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne
 Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart
 The Jacksons
The Jacksons
 Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
 No Doubt
No Doubt
posted by anniejacksonn
"Saying oh yeah I remember, when wewe really don't know."

"I hate it when your sitting in the cinema ready to watch the movie and the inayofuata thing wewe know BOOM. Human giraffe sits in front of you."

"If wewe sext do wewe get a phoner?"

"That awkward moment when wewe see two twins fighting and one calls the other ugly."

"When I get the answer correct and the smart kid didn't and im feelin like a boss."

"That look wewe give your friend when someone attractive walks in the room."

"Laughing sarcastically and then making a serious face."

"Lazy rule: Cant reach what I dropped, don't need it."

"Touching things that...
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 Michael & Bianca
Michael & Bianca
(WARNING!!!!!!: Lots and lots of adult content & foul language at times!!!)

"Oh my God! Michael!" I exclaimed.

At first I was pretty pissed when the doorbell rang at four o'clock in the morning, but seeing the handome man in front of me, I was zaidi than thrilled.

"Hey Boo." Michael spread his arms and enclosed me in a warm embrace. "Can I come in?"

"You know wewe can, so no need to ask each time wewe come over." I chuckled and he joined. "Sorry about your divorce kwa the way."

I wasn't sorry at all. The siku the divorce was announced was the happiest siku of my life. The reason wewe wonder... Isn't...
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[1st Verse]
There's A Steam Beat
And It's Comin' After wewe
wewe Can Take It
If wewe Only Let Your Feelings Through

So D.J. Spin The Sounds
There Ain't No Way That Your Gonna
Let Us Down
Gonna Dance Gonna Burn This Disco Out

Groove All Night
Keep The Boogie Alright
Get That Sound
Everybody Just Get On Down

[2nd Verse]
Got A Hot Foot
Better Freak Across The Floor
jiunge The Party
And We'll Keep wewe Movin', That's For Sure

So D.J. Spin The Sounds
There Ain't No Way That Your Gonna
Sit Us Down
Gonna Dance 'Til We Burn This Disco Out

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He firmly enveloped his mouth around my breast, gently nibbling at my achingly erect nipple, sending electric sparks down to my core.
My moans encouraged him to leave a trail of wet kisses along my belly and proceed to the apex of my thighs.

Just before he was about to devour my most sacred part, he looked up.

"Look at me." he growled, slapping the side of my behind a little.

I opened my eyes, only to find mysef drenched in sweat and other fluids, in an empty bed, in a strange hotel room.

"Not again." I sighed and fell back onto the matress.

I'd been having wet dreams about Michael ever since the...
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I was startled kwa the knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anybody. I put my bags down and went to open.

"Hey Bianca."

"Oh hi Jen. Come in." I smiled at my friend.

"I was here earlier, but wewe weren't here." she stated.

"Yeah, I was out doing touristy stuff all day."

"Oh cool. Was it fun?"

"Definitely. I did some shopping as well." I pointed at my bags. "How was rehearsal?"

"It was good. Michael was being his demanding self, as always." Jennifer chuckled.

"What else is new?" I alisema sarcastically.

"Speaking of which... Have wewe told him?" her expression went from cheerful to serious.

"Jen, wewe ask me...
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I called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse!

Roses are red violets are blue, God made me pretty, what the hell happen to you?

Right now I'm sitting here looking at wewe trying to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass.

A pretty girl can kiss a guy* a bird can kiss a butterfly* the rising sun can kiss the grass* but wewe my friend!! yes you!! wewe CAN KISS MY ASS*******

If wewe didn't have feet wewe wouldn't wear shoes.....then why do wewe wear a bra??!

mirrors don't talk but lucky for wewe %n they don't laugh

Poof be gone, your breath is too strong,...
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posted by anniejacksonn
Full Name: Peggy Ann Jarman
Nickname/Nicknames: Skittlez, Annie, au Pegs
Parents: Stacy lyn Jarman, Randy Scott Jarman
Hair Color:Dyed Bright Neon red. Natural Hair Color:Blonde
Race: White
Eye color: blue
Hight: 5'5
Born:July 4, 1994
State born in: Salsbury, Maryland
State I live in now: Delmar Delawere
Pets: 2 Cats and 1 fish
Fav colors: Red, black, purple, & Hot pink
Fav foods: Pizza, chocolate, Chicken
Fav type of music: 80's pop, Rock n roll, Heavy metal, Classic rock, disco, 60's & 70's Music, 80's & 90's rap, Rap/Rock
Likes: Music, Drawing, reading, Collecting records and cosset tapes,...
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(Michael isn't famous in this fantasy)
I was in my room getting my costume on for trick au treating. I know that I was too old for it but my boyfriend Michael was taking his little cousin trick au treating so he alisema me and my friend could go and his brothers were also going and he alisema I could bring my friend skylar along not only cause she was my best friend but cause she was dating Michaels brother randy so she got to come along.
I was busy putting my makeup for my coustume I was dressing up as jeff the killer so I had to put on a bunch of white makeup on my face and a lot of black makeup...
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wewe were my conscience
so solid no your like water
we started drowning
not like we'd sink any further
but I let my moyo go
its somewhere down at the bottom
but ill get a new one
come back for the hope that you've stolen

Ill stop the whole world
ill stop the whole world
from turning into a monster
and eating us alive
don't wewe ever wonder
how we'd survive?
but now that your gone
The world is ours

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Im only human
ive got a skeleton in me
but im not the villan
despite what your always preaching
call me a traitor
im just colleting your victims
there getting stronger,
I hear them calling

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 Michael (Im not sure what era just yet so i put a bila mpangilio Pic)
Michael (Im not sure what era just yet so i put a random Pic)
MJ POV "Mr Jackson". I heard a voice call, a female one at that. As I turned towards the angelic voice, I thought my moyo had stopped beating right there. I tried to put on a neutral face, as she spoke. "Hello Mr Jackson. I'm Emily Prentiss. I believe I was requested to transfer here". Gosh how she was even zaidi beautiful in person. "Yes. I mean I'm glad wewe could make it. So nice to meet you". I smiled while trying not to stammer with my words. -to be continued-

Hope wewe guys like it!!!
Writen kwa : April J Jackson
posted by anniejacksonn
1. Dial a bila mpangilio number and confuse the person who majibu kwa saying things like;
"Why did wewe call me?", "How's Billy Bob?", "Thank's for last night! (make kissy noises in phone", "I'm sorry to hear about your loss (hang up immediately)", "What happened to your mother is horrible! I'm so sorry she had to leave us on that note!", etc.

2. Look up bila mpangilio statements in foreign languages and recite the statements to those who speak the language.

3. Post a bila mpangilio makala like this.

4. At walmart au somewhere similar, go up to an obese woman, au a man for extra affect, and wish them good luck with...
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 Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
*Also includes some of his Brothers Songs*

2.I want wewe back
3.Daddys Home(Jermaine Jackson)
4.Ill be there
5.Danceing Machine
6.Blame it on the boogie
7.Can wewe feel it
8.Shake your body(Down to the ground)
9.Body(Marlon Jackson)
11.Rockin Robin
12.Enjoy yourself
13.Dynamite(Jermaine Jackson)
14.Do what wewe do(Jermaine Jackson)
15.Dont take it personal(Jermaine Jackson)
16. Baby tonight(Marlon Jackson)
17.Dont Go(Marlon Jackson)
20.Stay(Jackie Jackson)
21.Two ships(Jermaine Jackson)
22.Lets get serious(Jermaine Jackson)
23.Sweetest Sweetest(Jermaine Jackson)
24.Dont Stop til wewe get enough
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posted by anniejacksonn
The Pretty Reckless - Make me wanna die
The Pretty reckless - Miss nothing
The pretty reckless - Zombie
The pretty reckless - Hit me like a man
The pretty reckless - You
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Michael Jackson - Bad
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Michael Jackson - Pyt(Pretty Young thing)
Michael Jackson - Human Nature
Michael Jackson - Scream Ft Janet Jackson
Michael Jackson - Black au white
Michael Jackson - Beat it
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Michael Jackson - Rock with you
Michael Jackson - Don't stop til wewe get enough
Michael Jackson - Burn this disco out
Metallica - Enter sand man
Metallica - nothing...
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posted by anniejacksonn
It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark
Under The Moonlight wewe See A Sight That Almost Stops Your moyo
wewe Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before wewe Make It
wewe Start To Freeze As Horror Looks wewe Right Between The Eyes,
You're Paralyzed

'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
And No One's Gonna Save wewe From The Beast About
wewe Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller

2nd Verse:
wewe Hear The Door Slam And Realize There's Nowhere Left To Run
wewe Feel The Cold Hand And Wonder...
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