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1. It's OK for ten mwaka olds to run around a bunch of cities all alone with super-powered creatures that can kill them and do anything they want.

2. Kids are allowed to gamble as long as they have a case to keep their winnings in.

3. People drop the weirdest most valuable things.

4. wewe can walk into someone's house and watch there TV and they don't mind.

5. wewe can basically survive any explosion, no matter how intense

6. Most houses don't have an upstairs au beds for the people who live there.

7. No one seems to care if wewe steal the pokeball right off of their meza, jedwali and never return....

8. 10 year-olds can become the strongest ever in their regions in a matter of hours.

9. 10 mwaka olds can decide to go to school au become a traveler.

10. If a mti is in your way, pour water on it; it may go away
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