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Right I don't know wear to start,
I upendo jls soo much they mean the world to me .
I have liked and followed them scince they was on the x factor.
They are just my life really.

I have nearly evrything u can get to do wiv jls. Tickets vitabu jewlery pillows covers tickets evrything.
I just really really really want VIPo tickets to see them back stage after the cooncert.

I cry over them nearly evryday. Because it would just be my life my dream basically my evrything. They seem like really nice lads. King sweet romantic beautiful fit just amazing in evryway really especailly aston merry dhahabu ooofffttt :) <3

I am going to the 4th dimension tour on the 27th of march at the capital fm arena nottingham on the 7th row from the stage.I always annoy my family and friends. They are always telling me to shutup because all they hear me talking about is jls.

I upendo them so much espeecailly astoon. upendo wewe jls <3 xxxxx
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