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 Sokka Rave
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Avatar the last airbender
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Chapter four

The inayofuata morning Toph woke up to okka making breakfast. Good morning Toph. Good morning Sokka. I'm just makeing samaki for breakfast. Okay then it looks like we're having samaki again. Toph are wewe getting anoyed with fish. Oh big time.

Aang woke up and went downstairs. Harold was in the jikoni makeing breakfast. Good morning Aang. Good morning Harold.

Katara and Zuko came running downstairs. They hered a knock on the door.

I'll get it alisema Aang. When Aang opend the door he saw Azula,Ty lee and Mai.

What are wewe gies doing here. We want to help wewe find the magical orb and get...
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