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posted by Avatargeek
A couple days later, we went to worn the Na'vi to move. The general was ready to run over the tree. Things didn't work out well. We were tied up. The general didn't realize he was destroying millions of families. Not to mentioned Neytiri's father. When we were freed, Jake found Neytiri kwa her dad's side. He had a stick the size of sword in his chest. Neytiri was devastated.
"Oh no" I alisema and covered my mouth. Jake rushed to get Neytiri. Neytiri pushed him away and scolded. I ran after her.
"Neytiri its..." She pushed he off. Suddenly, Jake went down. Then me. When i wook up, I had arms around me. Norm too and best believe Grace was cussing. We were then locked in the main ship's locker. Then, thankful, it was Trudy to the rescue.

    The first thing I did was put my bow and kisu away. I didn't want to startle this . . . this girl, whoever au whatever she was. I kept thinking back to those few months I'd been at the base with Norm and Grace, thinking about what kinds of experiments they might have had going on while I'd been there. But I was drawing a complete blank. Of course, it didn't help that after a little while of reporting to Quaritch, Grace had moved us up into the mountains at camp. Any information I could have had access to had been hundreds of miles away....
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posted by TwilightCullens
I think Avatar is an amazing film to watch and I get headaches watching 3D but this film I got so use to it. When I watched it I found some parts hilarious like when the princess of the people (name memory loss) was teaching the guy to talk her language. I like it when she says something like " naaaa....dee lol au I think that's what she says. I also found graces Avatar funny but I don't know why. That hair thing when riding wanyama is weird lol and I upendo pandora when it glows up when they run and as their feet touch the ground it lights up. I upendo the "your a baby" line from the princess lol she's funny.
posted by PrincessNurDini
Hi...Thanx for who jiunge the club....i really aprreciate.i make this for Avatar cast.who is,sam worthnigton,zoe saldana,sigourney weaver,steven lang and many more!This movie is make kwa James Cameron,The Best Director In Worldwide!!!!!the characters is Jake Sully,Neytiri,Tsutsey and many more!!!I think all enjoy the movie!!!!i hope it will always success!!!!its has win at golden globe!!!wow!!!!that was amazing!!!!congurulations!!!!hey,i hope u all enjoy this spot!!!!please read this and add this spot!!!!and please add watsever in this spot....hope enjoy!!!
posted by lexabuti
I have to start off kwa saying that this movie was out of this world. I knew from the trailer it would have been a good one, but I didn't know how much I would upendo it. My idea of a good movie is the essence of something that has originality, insatiable uigizaji and a whimsical storyline, something that I couldn't come up with myself. This movie really had me thinking of the possibility of another world like this one. James Cameron; the writer and director of this film found a way to create a mystical plot, beyond anyone's imagination unto the screen for us to enjoy and lament upon. Even the love...
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Damaged, a new crime comic from Radical Publishing produced in association with Sam Worthington's Full Clip Productions, debuted today, August 17.

Damaged is written kwa David Lapham with artwork kwa Leonardo Manco. The book was created kwa Michael and John Schwarz of Full Clip and executive produced kwa Sam Worthington.

The comic follows two brothers, one a policeman, the other a vigilante, as they approach the ends of their careers and attempt to train their young replacements.

wewe can learn zaidi about Damaged and see interior artwork at link

Don't forget to pick up your copy at your local comic shop!
(If wewe don't know where to go, look yours up at comicshoplocator.com.)
Neytiri ran in on a Tanorator. They jumped on juu of the general. He pushed them into a tree. I flew down and jumped on to the Thanorator too. I drove it up to kick the general in the face. When I dived again, the general stabbed it with a knife. He crashed it hard into the ground covering us up. We pushed hard but it didn't come off. Jake came up behind the general.
"Hey, its all over." He said.
"Nothings over wile im alive"!
"Kinda hoping you'd say that." Jake Picked up a huge metal sword. They went back and forth. Neytiri kept trying to push but the animal wouldn't budge. Jake when in a dived...
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posted by Avatargeek
A few days later, zaidi scientist came along and joined the program. Norm Spellman was a trainee trained to be an Avatar but Jake was a drop out marine. His identical brother was the trainee like Norm but was killed. Grace wasn't very pleased to see this at all. When Jake was introduced, she got mad.
"I know who wewe are but I don't need you, I need your brother that trained 6 years for this."

"He's dead. Im sorry this is a big inconvenience for you." Grace was ticked off. I tried to calm her down but once again, she doesn't listen to me when she's mad. She ran to the main room. I didn't feel like following her so I alisema hi to Jake.
"Hey im Brylah, im kinda like Grace's side kick on this whole operation." He shook my hand, "nice to meet you".
Grace came back so we could get back into our Avatar forms. We went out easy but Norm and Jake got in trouble.
posted by Angelcatz11
Okay so I just got Avatar the game at game stop for $17.99, Today I started playing it and it was awesome! I upendo it, In the game I just got my banshee, I started flying around for a bit to scop out the place, but where I was spoussed to be was at a place called something caves, And then i got on my banshee and flew until it was dark (in the game) Then i got Lost a couldnt find where I was spoouse to go! So i quit playing after looking, But I upendo the game it is awesome! 5 *****!!!! for it.
Who's side are wewe on? RDA au Na'vi?

posted by Avatargeek
Set as a trap, Trudy pushed in a gari a food. She convinced the cop that there was steak, mnofu in cart. She then knocked him out.
"Trudy!?" We all shouted. She grabbed the key and unlocked the door. She tossed both me and Jake a gun. We ran the halls of the ship in till we came to the helicopter hanger. We loaded onto the helicopter then the general shot at us. I Lost my breath as a bullet barley missed my head. We celebrated as we took off. Thats in till Grace held a bloody palm.
"Oh god" I alisema , "Jake"! He came over and worked on Grace. Being me, I blamed myself. Quirch isn't going to get away with this I swore. Then I had an idea.
"Jake, the Na'vi"!
posted by Avatargeek
I grabbed my Banshee that I haven't seen for like 2 months. I flew off after Jake and Neytiri. I was ordered to cover Jake as we went in. We flew around south Neytiri and Tsu'ey going the other way. I shot all the on coming ships. Several men shot at me. I shot back hitting and destroying about 7 of the 12. None hit me. Up ahead, Jake was shooting others with bows and arrows. Neytiri was also taking lots of fire. I njiwa down hitting zaidi men in ships. Ts'uey did the same in till he was hit. He went down and landed in the lake. Neytiri was soon hit as well. She didn't die but her Banshee did....
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posted by Avatargeek
My story was simple, a nerdy little girl looking for an adventure. I had a large I.Q and a long attention spand but I had cancer. Grace Augustine, my best friend, was a scientist. When she started the Avatar program, I was existed to jiunge up. She explained to me about the Na'vi and I was thrilled to take off to Pandora. When our ship crash landed, I became jumpy. I wanted to test out my Avatar. I wondered if it really would look like me and would have my same problems. I studied about the Na'vi for months and couldn't wait to meet one. Of coarse, beings Grace's friend, I had to clean Microscopes...
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Dongria Kondh- Profit over people?

PLEASE TRANSLATE YOUR PASSION FOR THIS POWERFUL FILM INTO REALITY.This makala is an urgent call for help, and I ask only for a few dakika of your time reading.

In Orissa, a region of Eastern India, the future of a whole people, the Dongria Kondh, is about to disappear. The plans of a British based company, Vedanta, are set to mine the sacred mountain that the Dongria call nyumbani for a mineral called bauxite. If wewe have seen the film Avatar, the plight of the Dongria people shares striking parallels.

The Dongria have not been consulted about the mine. They...
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posted by Avatargeek
Later that night, I was looking in my old journal. I turned to the front page to read about my first Avatar mission. Grace and I went to were she was assigned, a stubby little hut the Na'vi called a school. I got to help her teach her first class. When I opened the door, there was markers and crayons and notebooks galore. I felt like I was in heaven.
Little Na'vi girls and boys soon came in. They were cute and quiet and ready to learn. That made Grace smile. I learned all of those 100 students names. The only two i found interesting were Tsu'ey and Neytiri. Good thing because we met later on
posted by w33bs99
At first I thought Avatar looked stupid but then my Marafiki and my family made me see it and I thought I was the best movie ever!!!! I upendo everything about it. If wewe haven't seen it wewe should!!!! Neytiri and Jake were so good together!! The captain of the army thing was really mean! I think the land where all of the avatars live is so beautiful!! It was so sad when all of the army came and attacked where all of the avatars live and ruined everything. Well i don't want to spoil it if wewe haven't seen it. Well that gives wewe a personal preview. wewe HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Part 2 - uchungu, chungu Reflection

    The siku after it happened, the bright light of morning was the only thing that made all of it real. Burying her hadn't made it real. Explaining it to my son hadn't made it real. Waking up without her made it real. And nothing anyone alisema to me made it okay. I had no one else to blame but myself. There was no enemy to strike. There was no revenge to be had, no message to be sent. I had been the culprit this time, and I ended up paying for it in zaidi ways than anyone can possibly imagine. Least of all me.

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    Part 1 - Rebuilding

    A week after the aliens were gone, we began to rebuild everything that had been destroyed. It wasn't easy, and a lot of people were resistant to the changes that had to be made. Above everything else, we taught change and tolerance. And tolerance is a big word for me.

    Norm and the other scientists allowed to stay continued to call their nyumbani the lab where they'd been working before. But I never went back. I had no reason to, and Norm promised to visit even though his Avatar had been destroyed. I know he...
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Sorry this took so long. I'll try to post two parts to make up for it.


    By morning, I still hadn't slept, but I'd put the pad away completely. I'd kept thinking about Tommy all night, looking at my son and Ava and wondering if I was doing the right thing. I did want to know as much about Ava as I could, but knowing what I knew now was making me backtrack every decision I'd made after Tommy had died. Even if I didn't have any regrets, I'd only achieved opening up a whole new batch of maswali without very many majibu on the horizon, and I...
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posted by Avatargeek
Jake was considering my idea for a second. "I dunnno, they might not help". I was silent and then alisema "They got bigger hearts then that Jake. Plus, its Grace! There old loving teacher"!
"Your right" he said, "Trudy, we need to pick up some stuff kwa the forests. Norm, I need wewe to go in". Norm noded, "Okay". We went down in the forests to connect the shake were are Avatar transforms were. Then we sat them down near the mti of souls.
"We need your help, are friend is dieing " Jake explained. Neytiri looked at Grace, "ok". I helped Jake prepare her. She came too again when Jake carried her out....
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Sorry for the delay.

        Old Territory

    While walking through the forest behind Norm, I thought we were going to walk back to base, even though I knew it was too far to make it there kwa morning. So when we made it into a small clearing where a Samson was waiting for us, I have to admit I was a little surprised. I knew a lot of the aircraft from when the base had been full had been left behind, but I couldn't remember any pilots being left behind – no one other than Trudy. And she was dead.

    I guess Norm...
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