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a Balto Fanfiction, All characters copyrighted to Universal Studio's and Walt Disney.
            Characters being used for chapter 1:
Balto: Wolfdog kuvuka, msalaba breed between a mbwa mwitu and a husky, He has a very Valiant personality and is seen as one of a hero's personality and a prefect lover, as a mbwa mwitu pup he stumbled away from his mother and was taken in kwa a goose, bata bukini named Boris. Who raised him in a shipwrecked mashua near the small town Nome, He later began to face the challenge of being accepted in Nome as other than a wolf, au a stray. He...
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I don’t have ideas.

Balto went to Star’s mansion in Heaven.
“Hey, Star!”
“Hey, Balto.”
nyota was drumming.
“What’s goin’ on?”
“Not much.”
God came in.
“Hey, God.” Balto and Kaltag alisema in unison.
“Hey, wewe two. Balto, you’re going back to Earth.”
“Oh, ok.”
“Star, you’re staying here.”
“Balto, come with me.”
God led Balto to a teleporter.
“This will teleport wewe back to your body.”
“Wait, I thought it was burnt.”
God sent something to Earth.
“Not any more.”
“Ok, see wewe when I die again!”
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