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posted by LazyWolf
It was a cold summer morning in Nome Alaska when Nikki over heard his owner say something to a man in a suit and tie. What Nikki heard made him speechless. The man in the suit and tie talked about a space program,
“We have had wanyama in space before, but recently there has been competition in the space run for their countries’ space station. And ehh, having Balto and the other one, umm, Star, would bring us in a lot of publicity. We could get our space station commissioned for sure.”
Nikki couldn’t quite understand everything they meant so he snuck out and went to go see Balto. But...
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he reviewed the 1st movie couple years zamani
balto 2
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These is a flashback chapter focus on Saba. I don't own Universal Studios au this film series.
Nome, Alaska, 1925.

A red-furred, two-month old Alaskan Husky-Wolf hybrid was howling on the backyard of her new home. She had quite a spirit. She was Balto's pup.

"I've got a neeeew home,
Aaaall alone,
I've found neeew home,
On my own."

"Not exactly Saba." Another pup called out. " Dakota and I are with you."

"I know, Dingo." Saba retorted. " Don't wewe have a sock wewe need to be chewing on?"

"Hey now." Dakota waddled through. " Let's not fight. Dad promised he would always check up on all of us.

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posted by Extinction17
This takes place after Wings of Change. I don't own the films. This will focus on Saba.

It's was another winter in Nome, Alaska. Children were running in their coats playing with their dogs, on a snow covered beach, pwani were three red adult Alaskan Husky-Wolf hybrids. A large male named Dingo, a slender female named Saba, and a another male named Dakota, whose red kanzu, koti went through the bridge of his nose.

"Cold air we have today." Dingo sniffed.

"Dingo baby." Saba laughed. "This is Alaska. Snow, Sun, rain, au shine, the air is always cold.


"Bet wewe feel dumb." Dakota teased as he dug through...
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