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 Jung Daehyun
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This B.A.P picha might contain suti biashara and biashara suti.

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Bang Yong Guk previously gave mashabiki a heads up with a handwritten page that seemed to hint at the tracklist for B.A.P's upcoming 1st full-length album 'First Sensibility', and now it has been confirmed kwa TS Entertainment.

It's alisema that the B.A.P leader especially put his 'body & soul' into the album as a producer this time around. One of the songs should be already familiar to fans, like "B.A.B.Y" which the boys previously performed at their hivi karibuni shabiki meeting '2ND BABY siku : Be My BABY'.

There will be a total of 13 songs, but which will be the title track? We'll have to keep guessing until the official reveal!

1. B.A.P

2. 1004 (pronounced as chunsa, which means angel)

3. Easy

4. SPY

5. Clock On

6. Shady Lady

7. Lovesick

8. Bang X2

9. SNS

10. Body & Soul

11. Save Me

12. B.A.B.Y

13. With You

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Bang Yongguk
Birthday: March 31, 1990, 180cm ,65kg

Q: What’s your inayopendelewa song out of “Warrior”, “Power”, and “Punch”?
A: "Power." In "Power," there's the lyric "The weak are destroyed kwa the strong" about society, and I think it expresses (the point) well.

Q: When do wewe feel like you’re most manly?
A: When I'm performing songs like "Warrior" and "Power" on stage. Especially when I sing "Warrior," I feel I am putting out a lot of "manliness."

Q: Which member do wewe think has the most gaps in personality?
A: Hhmmm…All the members have those sort of gaps. Everyone's face changes...
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