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 President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
I was up this morning at 3:OOam to watch the anuguration of American President Barack Obama. I was eagerly glued to my televisheni set and watched in awe the hundreds of thousands of people that turned up in Washington in sub zero temperatures to watch the anuguration of Barack Obama.
I am not an American. I am an Australian, living in Australia. Unless my circumstances changes drastically, President Obama will never be MY president but I am so happy for him - and for America.
The coverage here in Australia was unbelievable!
Every channel screened the anuguation and parade from about 3:OOam right...
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Can one person change the World?

Imagine wewe having all the abundance in the world, imagine wewe in charge of the flow of wellbeing, not just yours but even zaidi - the whole humanity.
What is one person as individual representing in this world, what did Obama bring to this world, one man, he brought hope to humanity.
What can 1 person do, can wewe change the whole world au at least one persons life?

How can 1 person help the other...
Check Out Obama Bracelet - Which is
A Symbol of Hope for Women In Kenya. wewe can
Buy The Bracelet for $20 and help them survive.
wewe can find zaidi infor on site

This is one of the things one person can do.
I am grateful for all the great ideas and brilliance of people who bring good to humanity.

Have a great day,
Yes, the publishing industry is reeling these days, but surely authors surely can find less disruptive ways to promote their newly published works than hauling off and throwing a copy at the president of the United States.

But wewe know what they say: There's no such thing as bad publicity. Something like that thought probably crossed the mind of the unidentified man who link at a rally at Philadelphia's Vernon Park over the weekend. Mark Knoller of CBS alisema that the Secret Service has interviewed the author, whom they described as an "overexuberant" Obama supporter who merely wanted to make...
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posted by jmoney1327
I think it is a good thing that Barack Obama became the first African American president. I am not sure what point he was at when he chose a Republican VP but do wewe think Biden pushed this idea because he didn't think Obama would make it very long? One thing I don't like about how the kura za maoni turned out is the reason a lot of people voted. People that have never voted came out to vote for Obama. Why? Just because he was an African American. They could care less about what he believes and what he is about, as long as he was a black president. I have never seen so many people lied up for an election. Congratulations to Barack Obama and i hope he does good.
posted by scoutie11
I am very happy to say that Barack Obama is our presdient!!!! At my school my social studies teacher was freaking out!!! Screaming "WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!!!!" I feel the same way!! Even before i knew anything about anyone I liked Obama!!! Alot of my Marafiki that like McCain complain and say he will raise taxes for the wealthy! Well wewe have money! Give some to the middle class. A couple days before the election me, my mom and my dad were talking about it. I asked my dad if we were conceterd wealthy and he alisema no we are middle class. But then he alisema something that just made me so happy! He alisema Even if I was I would totally vote for Obama. And I was just so happy!!!! I am so happy that he is our prez!!!! He is the best and i hope we can keep him for all 8 years!!!!!!!!

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SEE Obama in Boxing Gloves Book! .add it to your wishlist at amazon!

link me :)

Here is some unbelievable verse and artwork from the people for barack to see. if enough people make it famous the verses will be taken note of kwa the world! Everyone add this to your wishlist!

obama obama obama obama obama obama
Novemember 4, 2008

Barack Obama, the First African American President of the United States of America. A true blessing from God. This awesome, amazing man, went from senator to president. Not just any president, the president of the United states of America. Some people thought that a black man could never become president of this country. That a black man would never rise to the top. How african americans were treaten badly such as being called the N word, discriminated, beaten, slaves. BUT NOW! America will see that there can be a change. It's just a true blessing from God to finally see...
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What else is left to say?
He earned it! He earned this presidency and I am finally proud to call myself an American.
The first african american president... wow.
This is for everyone who didn't think it could happen... it did! It did happen. And the moment I saw Jesse Jackson's face in that audience was when I blubbered with tears...
He did it. We did it. We finally made it this far and I am truly proud to be able to tell people I live in America.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden will lead us to a victorious, peaceful, and united nation.
I don't know about you, but when they declared his victory my eyes swelled with tears.
I was zaidi then exuberant...
Welcome to a new us!
Excuse me? Did I just see this right? Unfortunately I did.
Some racist idiot decided to stoop as low as to photoshop a picture of Barack Obama, the hero of this country, shining SARAH PALIN'S Shoes??? What in the name of hell???
To juu the moral injustice of this, the photoshopped picture is completely sloppy! It doesn't even look realistic! Thank god! How dare someone do this?
I am fuming behind the screen...
The complete racism of this new campaign tactic from McCain is disgraceful. We can all hide behind the fact that McCain had no idea and he in no way wants to spread racism, but we all know...
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The Education of Brooke Hogan, and many other women!
September 9, 2008

Hogan continued to act political, stating people only vote because “it’s cool,” even though they no real idea what’s going on in and around the White House.

“Everybody knows though that I’m not very keen on voting and stuff.”

“You know who I’m voting for? I’m voting for God because he’s in the party of freedom, dude.”

Oh. Dear. God!
Let me write this blog for all the women out there that sit on their asses and don’t vote.

I like Brooke, I have met her a few times and she seems to be a really sweet girl,...
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I am emotionally exhausted. And my faith in humanity is dwindling. And that is a huge thing for me, as a humanitarian, to say.

I started the debate spot on fanpop years zamani because I believed that people from all sides of a controversial issue had something intelligent to say about it. I believe that dissent is what makes progress. And I have written makala upon makala on this belief of mine. Including an makala about link (and no, I was not being snide). Now, I'll argue my perspective until Judgment Day, because I just want someone to hear me. But conversely, I will listen to a rational,...
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posted by 1treehillfan
This Just In: Barack Obama's grandmother did not make it and died from the cancer. Although I did not know the woman, this is heart-breaking for me. I felt like I knew her the way he talked about her. This country thinks of Barack Obama as a hero, and he thought of his grandmother as a hero. The influence she had on him was extreme, and he loved her with all his heart. I feel very sorry for him, and I wish him, his family, and his grandmother herself (wherever she may be) the best.
I think it's amazing that he is able to continue on with this election, only a siku away, and march on with his...
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posted by Alx_master
I cannot tell a lie, and I'm happy to announce that tomorrow will be Barack Obama's inaguration as the 1st african american to take the presidency. We all have high hopes on Barack,but we'll see if he's up to the challenge to run a country. I can tell wewe that even I will be waiting on the time to change. It may not come in a month, au the first year, but I can assure Barack will try his best. Although it may not be enough. And in the worst case scenerio, I can tell wewe that if it doesn't work out with him as president, I and probably everyone will vote for the republican party.
His vision we believe may change the world in crisis.His role and promises can bring peace and happiness to the Humanity.His sayings " Change has come" will have the aspirations to the people in his administration,can create charismatic leaders in rest of the world and pass on the message to the entire world that the wind of change is everywhere.It wll help to develop better US foreign policy.His victory is the victory against all brutality and poverty.
His young mind and soul may help the rest of the world let live in peace for the sake of the better Humanity.His Excellency Barak Obama will...
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posted by blisslikethis
wewe want change? really? well maybe, instead of sitting on your punda watching America taking one baby step to the Left and passing it off as a fucking revolution, wewe should do what these people are doing and make real change.

 Irwin Cotler
Irwin Cotler
Irwin Cotler - Law Professor, Constitutional and Comparative Law Scholar, International Human Rights Lawyer, Counsel to prisoners of conscience, NGO Head, Public Intellectual, Community Leader and Peace Activist, Member of Parliament, and Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Yang Chunlin - Chinese human rights activist, currently serving...
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posted by fan-at-KWN
In 2009, President Barrack Obama came to office and didn’t hesitate to open up to his fans. He honored Kids Wish Network Wish Kid, 12-year-old Ta’Kiyah, with her wish-come-true! In 2007, Ta’Kiyah’s doctors discovered a malignant tumor on her brain. President Obama took the time to speak with her and admire the scrapbook she brought him of her photos, special certificates, and ripoti cards.

For zaidi information on Kids Wish Network, visit link.

Every child deserves a chance at happiness; a wish is a way of bringing them that joy. If wewe would like to sponsor a child’s wish au if wewe know a child who is suffering from a life-threatening illness and may be in need of Kids Wish Network’s wish granting services, please call 727-937-3600 au toll free 888-918-9004.
Oil hit a record recently at $135 a barrel. Congress has approved a bill to prevent the government from adding to America ’s strategic stocks of oil, and is contemplating another to enable American prosecutors to sue the governments of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for market manipulation.

OPEC members will invest $160 billion in oil development projects in the inayofuata three years to increase their production capacity kwa 15 per cent in response to growing demand.

Increasing oil production is not the answer. The answer is to reduce the demand.

We need to do something...
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