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 Barbie sinema Collection (COMPLETE)
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Whoo! Took me a half an hour, but worth it! I'm done! Hope wewe all like it!
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Hello! I'm new here and wanted to share this makala for wewe <3 I'd upendo to read people's own ideas in the maoni below.

1. A movie detailing how Mariposa and Elina met
At the start of Barbie Mariposa, Elina is narrating and it is made clear that she and Mariposa are friends. However, it is never explained how au why the pair know each other. To me, the story of how these two became Marafiki seems like a much better Mariposa sequel idea than Mariposa and the fairy princess. I would upendo to see both return as I adore their characters <3

2. Barbie as Sleeping Beauty
Mattel originally...
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