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Bella Thorne Do wewe think Bella's life/backstory is like a cinderella story?

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 KataraLover posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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KataraLover picked Yes:
She suffered abuse (Sexual abuse since she could remember and it didn't stop until she was 14-years-old), was bullied because of her dyslexia and because she spoke Spanish (Which she stopped doing to make them stop), was constantly told her dreams wouldn’t come true because of her dyslexia, she lost her father at a young age (Her mother is still alive and thankfully wasn't like the wicked stepmother, I assume), was poor to the point where if she hadn't gotten her job on Shake It Up both she and her family would've ended up on the streets, suffered with a lot of emotional problems, has to work hard to prove she can act because directors said they wouldn’t even let her audition because she was a Disney Channel star (She had to force them to let her audition just to get a role in a low budget movie), people call her trashy/a drug addict/a stoner (Like how CINDERella was considered to be an insult from her stepfamily), and worked hard for her success/fame and riches. This is why she should star as Cinderella in a movie adaptation (But not another one of those modern day Cinderella Stories! She deserves a REAL fairy-tale adaptation!), because she’s a real life Cinderella! She deserves to be an A-list actress for her amazing talent and more credit for all her accomplishments.
posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita.