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posted by emilyroxx
Found this in the Harry Potter spot. :D
Credit: alisonfaith297

[] wewe are loud.
[] wewe like(d) going to school to see your friends.
[] You’ve had zaidi than a couple detentions.
[] wewe always have something to do on the weekends.
[] wewe like to be the center of attention.
[] wewe get above average grades in school.
[] You’ve been called bossy before.
[] You’re a bit of a daredevil/you like an adrenaline rush.
[] wewe are athletic.
[] wewe are one of the best players on your team.
[] wewe would do anything for your loved ones.
[] wewe like the colour red.
[] Your inayopendelewa class is Transfiguration...
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Hi :)
Basically, a few months ago, I started a ff on, and now I'm on holiday, I've decided to restart it. It's slightly different to my original idea, but hopefully, it'll still be quite good :D This is just a very short intro, but review it, and if wewe like it I might carry on :D x

"Hey Evans!" A voice Lily knew, much to her annoyance, far too well yelled from across the carriage. he was practically jumping with excitement about something, which Lily found, surprisingly, rather cute.
"What do wewe want...Potter!?" Lily tried to keep her composure, but as he began walking up to her, she...
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Credit:link, who alisema she found it online, :P

1. Stick your open palm under the stall ukuta and ask your neighbor, “May I borrow a highlighter?”

2. Say, “Uh oh, I knew I shouldn’t have put my lips on that.”

3. Cheer and clap loudly every time somebody breaks the silence with a bodily function noise.

4. Say, "Damn, this water's cold!"

5. Drop a marble and say, "Oh sh*t, my glass eye!!"

6. Say, "Hmm, I've never seen that color before,. . ."

7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 sekunde and then drop a cantelope into the toilet bowl from a height of 6 feet. Sigh relaxingly.

8. Say, “Now,...
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bila mpangilio
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CANON vs. FANON -- Reality vs. Imagination

People who aren't really part of any so-called obsessive fandoms may not be aware of this, but there are really quite a few large-ish battle being waged kwa sometimes even fanatic people, mostly on this one subject: canon. Is it equivalent to the Holy Bible au not? Is the word of the mwandishi really and truly what goes? But wait, maybe I should back up a little.
To put it simply, canon includes everything about a book series etc. that has been verified kwa the author/other creator. It can include anything from birthdays and deathdays to who married who,...
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Song kwa Charlie Puth
LOOK AT WHAT I MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!! I was, like, half an saa away from them and my parents wouldn't let me go. They were like, "Oh, but most of their mashabiki are drug addicts." and I was like, "Thanks mom."
My Chemical Romance
gerard way
bulletproof moyo
credit: Chut ça tourne @ Youtube
bohemian rhapsody
the game
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posted by emilyroxx
So, I was recently diagnosed with Asperger's, and I upendo psychology, so I'm going to force some medical diagnosis information of all of you!

Asperger's syndrome, also called Asperger's disorder, is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). PDDs are a group of conditions that involve delays in the development of many basic skills, most notably the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination.

Although Asperger's syndrome is similar in some ways to autism -- another, zaidi severe type of PDD -- there are some important differences. Children with Asperger's syndrome...
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posted by emilyroxx
Okay, so everyone probably knows that Google has this thing where it tries to guess what
you’re searching kwa picking the most searched entries. Some of them are
kind of ridiculous, so I decided to have some fun with it. I typed in
“Are there,” closed my eyes, and picked a bila mpangilio letter of the alphabet.
Here were the results, and my answers:

First, I just put the results for “Are there.”

Are there aliens?
I think so.
Are there snakes in Ireland?
What do wewe mean are there snakes in Ireland?
Are there tigers in Africa?
Are there snakes in Hawaii?
There are probably going to be snakes...
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posted by IzzyOzera
The whole conversationd wouldn't fit on one screenshot so here it is;
Stranger: asl
Stranger: ?
You: Oh! There wewe are! I've been looking for wewe forever!
Stranger: oh really?
You: I'll never say goodbye to you!
You: I'm crazy about you!
You: I upendo you!
Stranger: is that good au bad?
Stranger: well are wewe a guy au a girl?
You: Kurt, don't wewe upendo me?
Stranger: nope guess not
You: But Kurt it's me Blaine!
Stranger: that sucks dont it
You: :'(
Stranger: stop your bitchin
You: Kurt. It's me, Blaine! Your boyfriend.
Stranger: ha fuckin faggot
Stranger: i hate fags
Stranger: they are as bad as niggers and soicks
Stranger: spicks
posted by simpleplan
Since I write songs I figered I should share one with wewe guys if wewe like it i may post others :P


Stand tall and try not to regret anything wewe did wrong when the world is cracking under your feet just hold on well I promise wewe somehow I will follow through I will do anything to save wewe maybe we’re making a big mistake your falling in the water I try to grab your hand well I miss again now we're falling well i promise wewe some siku I will follow through I will do anything to save 20 feet we fall when will we hit the ground sun shines above waterfalls make so many sounds but I still...
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