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posted by DracoLuver
There are many things I wish to capture on written words, and hopefully I will be able to do so in an organized manner. For those unaware of who I am, my name is DracoLuver - otherwise known as Draco, DL, au Ash. I’m one of the older members of the Biggerstaffs.
A few people have ilitumwa their personal feelings, but I will tell wewe right now that this is not solely on what I feel, but zaidi of the truth. And I know for sure many of wewe might hate me after kusoma this. I’ve mgawanyiko, baidisha this into three parts:

Immaturity 1
Messages to 2a and 2b


I know that many people are hurt about...
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posted by lucius_malloy
wewe guys know that, right? I don't have any special power au right over the rest of you. And I thought wewe all knew that, but lately it's seemed like maybe not all of wewe do.
So, just to clarify: just because I'm oldest according to the mti doesn't mean that I'm some sort of Head Biggerstaff. There is no Head Biggerstaff. There is no one person who gets to make all decisions in a very dictator-like way; we just have to all pitch in and make the best with what we're given.
And yes, maybe lately it's been looking like I've been making decisions, but it's never been me alone, it's always me and...
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don't ripoti me lol
no judging xdd
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kwa jayguarr on Youtube
Harry Potter
simple plan
Hitler reacts to hearing Rebecca Black. I can't say I disagree with him, for once! Lol
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posted by Lunalovely
(So i found this in my notepad, and I wanted to share.
It's like if wewe got in trouble and were forced to write lines.
The reasons the numbers are bila mpangilio are cause these are my inayopendelewa from some orodha i can no longer find, plus this (*) means that I would so do that. (**) means that I probably would, if I had zaidi balls, au was less lazy, and (***) means I would so do it, if I had Marafiki to do it with, mostly, Fred and George.

3) No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I must not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.*
8) I will not use Umbridge’s quill to...
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It was the siku of the big and grand party for the krisimasi holidays almost a mwezi early. Caitlin Black had been able to convince Albus Dumbledore to let her and her Marafiki go nyumbani early for the holidays. Their schoolwork and all were going to be sent kwa the owls and Caitlin had her uncle to help her if she did not get something. It had been a few years since her and George had gotten together. She was still happily in upendo with him. They played pranks and had so much fun together at school. They had fights like regular couples did. One of their fights caused Caitlin to have to go to the...
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posted by lucius_malloy
hello there, it's me again. lucius_malloy, also known kwa very many other names... malloy, emma, emmy, mommy, auntie, shlag... wewe get the point. call me what wewe feel like, as long as I get that you're talking to me. 
this makala might turn out kinda long, since I upendo uandishi all sorts of about me's and stuff. 
having turned 15 years old in december, I am a proud fourth-year ravenclaw. I reside in a small, cold country called finland, tucked away between sweden and russia and not under any condition part of scandinavia. *shudder*. people have rarely heard of finland, but when they have, it's...
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posted by lucius_malloy
With my compulsory education, that is.
And because I am feeling very something-y, I decided to tell wewe all a little about that compulsory education. wewe can tell me to shut up if wewe like :D

Anyhow, I survived this compulsory education without ever
- getting detention
- getting a 7 au worse on a ripoti card (scale of 4-10)
- wearing make-up to school
- drinking
- smoking
- using other illicit substances
- getting suspended au expelled
- getting sent to the principal's office
- telling a teacher to fuck off (I did lecture my homeroom teacher about respect once though)

Things I achieved were
- getting a...
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posted by lucius_malloy
I just kinda need to rant this all out, and also I kinda hope it might help y'all if wewe ever apply for the IB :D this might turn out crazy long though...

Part One: In The Morning
I swear, I've never been as nervous and/or panicky as I was this morning. Not even the siku of my confirmation, the siku of my summer job interview and the siku I left for Brazil put together. I mean, in a way, it's just one test (well, technically two); but on the other hand, that one test will basically determine my future for the inayofuata three years and possibly even further. So, yes, I was zaidi than slightly nervous....
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Not mine; I just found it and thought I'd share it with wewe guys. This isn't towards any of you, of course. XD
bila mpangilio
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