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In July 3,2011 I rescued a Hummingbird. She was sick and ill and was on the mitaani, mtaa and I decided to help her. Shes fine now, really fine, I helped her get fine. Im deciding to write the story to share something i've done: One day, I was out to water my flowers (Carnations)as I heard some chirping. I saw a little hummingbird, kolibri (I assume a baby hummingbird), no one helped it at all. I decided to help her, I took a thick towel and took her off the side walk and brought her home. I fed her some natural hummingbird, kolibri chakula (since she was a wild hummingbird) Her problem was she had a broken wing and she fell off her nest (maybe her mom wasnt nyumbani yet). I took her to the vet the very close 2 days later and her wing was healed. Sadly, I couldn't keep her since it would be illegal so I decided to give her away to a animal shelter where they also store in birds. I hope she feels better!